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PRODUCER AND DIRECTOR GENERAL: Juan Pablo Gaviria ASSISTANT MANAGER: Camilo Herrera EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Fabio Cuellar HEAD OF CONTENTS: Diego Valencia CONCEPTUAL EDITOR: Diego Narciso MUSIC: Andres Martínez, Camilo Sanabria PRODUCER OF ENTREPRENEURS: Heryka Solano PRODUCER OF FAMOUS: Mymi Soto PRODUCER LOGISTICS: Lucia Guio HEADS OF PRODUCTION: Alejandro Segura, Jhon Angarita, Felipe Rincón REALIZATION: Luisa Sosa, Carlos Hernández, Juan Escobar, Victoria Solano INVESTIGATION: María Herrera, Yanina Valdivieso, Antonella Pineda SCRIPTWRITER: Sergio Geraldino, William Campo, Luisa Reyes POST PRODUCTION COORDINATOR: Alejandra Ramirez LOGGERS: Lina Ariza, Diana Umba TRANSCRIPTIONISTS: Viviana Martinez, Daniel Ruiz, Erika Rentería, Maria F. Rodríguez EDITORS: Diana Mahecha, María Fernanda Castro, Camilo Torres, Yesid López, Yehison Fresneda, Leonardo Camargo, Luis Felipe Amaya, Samuel Morales, Viviana Martínez PROTOOLS: Ricardo Lara COLORIZADORES: Sergio Preciado, Reinaldo Perdomo GRAFICACIÓN: Hoftman Gil CAMERAMEN: Miguel López, Yilmar Díaz, Milton Guarnizo SOUND ENGINEERS: Diego Arbelaez, Santiago Ruiz, Edwin Angulo


Discover the largest project of social construction in Colombia.

It is a documentary from real life that shows the development of social innovation, which is not a technical solution to a social problem, or a war against power, it is typically systematical because it must understand social tissue in an integral way. This program is based in entrepreneurship that generates a social change though positive transformation. In each emission we will see initiatives led by Colombians who work for the less fortunate and most vulnerable communities in our country, the labors of social entrepreneurs that are worth highlighting, recognizing and projecting in their effort to build a better future.

To strengthen the labor of these heroes and their innovative changes, we have a celebrity who will be the intermediary between the TV viewer and the different entrepreneurs, with the objective of reinforcing through their emotions and experience this social adventure, which shows us that in Colombia there are people who are changing the world. Through the participation of a celebrity in Mission Impact the human, solidary and conscientious side of these characters can be shown, providing volunteer timing of 3 to 9 days depending on its availability and the intensity of the entrepreneurship. The goal of Mission Impact is to promote the culture and mindfulness of entrepreneurship and social innovation through a transmedia (TV, Digital) strategy.

The Project starts in Colombia and the purpose is to replicate it in the region and around the world.

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Maria Alejandra Cardona a 28 years old reporter, will go out and explore the unknown world of teenagers that the parents doesn’t know. She will share extreme moments and will be hand to hand in risk situations
The Objective is to live with teenagers and know the world they face daily while they grow up, search for freedom and identity that sink them in dangerous worlds while the society ignores them. Why? Is cociety scared to face them? Is society scared to assume its mistakes? Meanwhile there are parents with uncontrolled kids that don´t know how to solve situations. Maria Alejandra will meet and understand… Sex, drugs, alcohol, violence and risk…The same teenagers that meet Maria Alejandra are the ones who show us how they see their world, how they think, how they feel… and over all to tell us why they act like they act and why they are how they are.


From the insides of Habana, in 1925, a black Cinderella is born filled with flavor, talent and transcendence:
Daughter of a humble family, she came to this world with the blessing of the Gods and a lucky star that would be with her throughout her life, despite its ups and downs. Her talent, voice and charm transformed her from being a poor, skinny and ugly black girl to the Latin America´s most beloved and successful musical artist around the world.
In an age where female singers were classified as tramps, Celia made her way through, beating prejudices and crowning herself as the most important lead singer of the famous orchestra: “La Sonora Matancera”.
What seemed to be the way out to a successful career and the solution of poverty and misery, all thanks to music; almost crumble because of a Cuba falling gradually in the strictest military dictatorship, which threatened to bring downCelia´s dreams. Now she not only had to face the whims of an industry run by men but also the harassment, mistreatment and injustice of a system that she never accepted.
Feeling her musical momentum vanished and passing a hard time with her family, she receives an invitation, in 1961, to leave the country with the band, without knowing that it would not be temporary but for the rest of her life. Since that trip, Celia would never come back to Cuba again which means leaving her loved ones behind, including her mother suffering from cancer, for exilingin Mexican lands.
Beside her at the time was a musician from the band “La Sonora Matancera”, who gradually grew in her heart and became eventually the undisputed love of her life. It was the famous womanizer Pedro Knight, who by the time he showed up in Celia´s life already had 2 recognized daughters and was an unstoppable flirtatious, including among his conquest Celia´s sister, Noris, who by the way stayed behind in Cuba like all of Celia´s close friends and family.
However, love is stronger and Celia falls at Pedro´s feet, loving him madly and realizing that close to him she will finds happiness and the strength to conquer the world. Celia´s talent and commitment proved to be stronger than her problems: the Cuban revolution that pursues her, the disagreements with Pedro, her parent’s deaths and the eternal forced exile she had to live with.
Her name and charm reached Tito Puente and then Johnny Pacheco, who in those days was bringing together “La Fania All Stars” in the city of New York. A group of the best Salsa musicians in the land, where Celia would be the most valued jewel, and along them, “la Guarachera”, conquered every soul who attended her concerts and every person that bought her records.
At the same time, her best friend in Cuba, the talented singer with an extraordinary voice Lola Calvo, now settled in New York after going through a living hell at her country would become Celia´s great rival. Young Lola would be Celia´s negative counterpart, while having practically the same talent and opportunities as Celia, she will show that in order to achieve true greatness is needed more than a great voice.
Celia´s love for children was infinite. Around the middle of her life and with the big desire of being a mother we will also observe how that obstacle was established in her soul. Destiny never gave her a child of her own; however, a 12 year old boy from her fans club, with time, will be like her lost son, and would give her the opportunity to love him as a mother, despite Pedro´s jealousy and rejection. Although eventually with time he would accept him.
When all obstacles seems defeated, Celia would face her last and hardest challenge, her sister Noris will come from Cuba and will witness the luxurious and successful life that Celia lives. She will suffers envy and also an old and unresolved affection for Pedro will be present.
This is the story of Celia Cruz, the not so pretty, black, skinny and shy girl, who never stopped singing and carrying an important message of freedom for her people. She never bought into the fame machine, remained always humble and charismatic, and with commitment achieved everything she aimed in life. With her voice she seduced audiences from different languages and she made her own revolution: to make Salsa music the most important Latino music genre in the world, to be remembered in history as that woman, who far away from her home, honored it and showed us there are no impossible dreams.


At Portales de La Cabrera, a flaunty building of the capital city, the polemic financial specialist Pedro Ospina, shows up dead. Everything indicates it was a suicide, but Sara Yunus, journalist and resident of the building, believes it was a murder and will do everything in her power to prove it. During her investigation, Sara will not only find clues that will bring her closer to Pedro´s murderer, but she will also start discovering the terrible secrets that surround the residents of the building. The journalist will have to face death while she fights, at the same time, to keep her husband from having to pay for a crime he didn´t commit.

The death of a resident of Portales de La Cabrera, will unveil the most horrible secrets hiding behind the walls of the buildings inhabited by the most select people of the city´s high class.
Sara Yunus, a reporter for El Meridiano newspaper, publishes a story that puts in evidence the imminent bankruptcy of the company called Valores Ospina, not minding that its owner, Pedro Ospina, was the first man to ever steal her heart. Two weeks after unleashing the scandal and when it seems like Pedro is finally going to give Sara the list of those who made illegal investments in the company, he shows up dead in his apartment of the Portales de la Cabrera building. A bullet wound, a gun in his hand and a thread of blood seem to indicate that Ospina committed suicide. Everybody close to Pedro and the residents of Portales de La Cabrera blindly believe in this theory from the Prosecutor´s Office except for Sara who, by intuition and because she knew Pedro really well, suspects that Pedro was murdered and doesn´t plan on resting until she finds the murderer.

Pedro Ospina dedicated his last years to the collection of money and became a millionaire. He was able to build an emporium and well known personalities invested large amounts of money with him, taking advantage of the high interests and tax free profits that supposed the illegal placements. After the news of its bankruptcy broke out, Valores Ospina is completely drowned and Pedro is immerse in the asphyxiating persecution from creditors who claim even more than what he owes them.

Now, he has many enemies and more than one would want to see him dead. This way, the residents and employees of Portales de la Cabrera become suspects of the crime. Even if they seem the opposite, they all have something to hide and they can´t allow the eyes of the media to pose on the building and its prestigious inhabitants. Even Sergio Sader, Sara´s future husband, becomes one of the most probable suspects of the crime, not only for jealousy but also because the circumstances show him as one of the many hidden investors. And even though Sara refuses to believe that he is guilty, she has to choose between the love she feels for him and her firm ethical duty to find the truth.

As Sara´s investigations move forward and the mystery becomes more complicated, the secrets of the residents of Portales de La Cabrera, come out little by little to the light: a woman who cheats on her husband with the husband of her own sister; a wife who hides money from her husband, trying to save in order to leave him some day; an honorable Senator of the Republic who evades taxes and is involved with illegal bands; and a candidate to the Presidency who committed a crime. But at the end, the least expected, the only one who seemed to have the principles of truth and honesty, ends up being Ospina´s murderer. Now, Sara´s life is in danger because the real murderer isn´t willing to let anybody catch him


Leonardo Perez, an alcoholic and failed Colombian writer who lives in Mexico, receives a phone call from a mysterious woman who tells him that his brother, Daniel Uribe, a young and promising surgeon, committed suicide and he has to come back to the country to bury him.

After the funeral, Leonardo discovers two things that will force him to stay: the first one, that the mysterious woman was Daniel´s girlfriend: Andrea Laverde, a beautiful and talented visual artist; the second one, that Daniel didn´t commit suicide. He was murdered.

Leonardo and Andrea will work on finding the murderer. In the process, not only will they discover the links that Daniel had with a human organ trafficking network, but love will grow between them, a love that will change their lives forever.


“A survival drama that who´s taken and those who wait his return”
The trip of the industry man Gabriel Avila to the Visitacion farm on his birthday, accompanied by his friend Jorge Mario Rubio, is the anteroom for a trip to hell because in the rice producing farm, guerrillas infiltrated as workers, kidnap them.

Gabriel and Jorge Mario are taken deliberately to the DMZ, where the military were removed by the government with the purpose of carrying out peace negotiations with the guerrillas.

In Bogota, Gabriel’s family starts a titanic battle to bring back their kidnapped loved ones. The immediate reaction is led by the Intelligence Captain Esteban Avila, who, despite all of his efforts, is not able to keep his brother from being kidnapped because he can’t go inside the DMZ under any excuse, since it’s forbidden by the Government. However, he is an advocate of rescues and doesn’t accept Andrea’s, Gabriel’s wife, decision to pay the guerrillas a ransom for her husband’s liberation. The two positions polarize the family completely. The efforts of some offend the others and confront them with their convictions and their deepest fears.

In the jungle, Gabriel and his friend discover that it is basically impossible, they are held captive in a zone completely controlled by the guerrillas, in a region that they don’t know, they don’t have a gun, a phone, not even the basic training to survive alone in the jungle.

And to make things worse, they are guarded 24 hours a day. They have to be with an armed guerrilla member even to go to the bathroom. They are ten hours from Bogota but 100 hundred years from civilization.

Around the hostages, there is an army of young farmers recruited in the countryside, young people who don’t know an option of life other than the armed employment; from this group, the warrior Samurai is born, he is a fierce prisoner guard that will become the key for Gabriel’s survival and in the end, the key to freedom as well.

Very soon, Gabriel designs the plan to become a hair stylist in order to get closer to the guerrilla fronts commanders and will call himself The Stylist, willing to shave, make special cuts, bangs, the trendiest cuts, the “Humberto” cut or the cut that covers up the face wounds suffered in combat.

The Stylist is Gabriel’s well meditated strategy of how to establish himself around the power circles in order to listen to the conversations of the commanders and obtain information.

Turned into a hair stylist, Gabriel starts to identify where in the planet he is being held captive, he deducts how far he is from his home, he discovers how to get in touch with his brother Esteban and with this, he opens up a window to freedom.


El Capo is determined to end the business that gave him money and power in the past, so he writes with Terry, the OPACproject. The project has the goal of distributing drugs for free around the main cities of the world. Bruna and Tato, his faithful lieutenants who have been free for the last 3 years, start carrying out a plan to get el Capo out of jail, in which new allies come along: Pitre and Kyara. Kyara filters Asimov, the leader of the Russian mafia in New York, in order to obtain benefits for El Capo and OPAC; even though she is doing it for money, when she meets Leon Jaramillo, she will join his team for love. Kyara will become one more of El Capo´s women and even though she would like to be the only one, she will have to understand that El Capo will always love just one woman: Isabel Cristina.
El Capo´s prison break involves Steven Brandon, Director of the DEA and Colonel Velandia, who agree to get Leon Jaramillo out of jail in order to help rescue Brandon´s kidnapped family. With El Capo on the streets of New York, OPAC begins and the machinery to find the drugs that will be given out is moved; this is how they will soon be facing Asimov and Bad Boy, Pacifico Blanco´s step son. However, not everything is a fight for El Capo because his freedom is his opportunity to see his family and conquer Bruna´s heart again, even though the later isn´t possible because she is in a relationship with Colonel Velandia. This is a relationship that doesn´t make Bruna happy because she still loves El Capo; however, she won´t be able to get him back because she will discover she is pregnant when she tries to.
During the first stage of OPAC, El Capo captures the attention of the media and of his new enemy, Jacob Bauman, the leader of the “Great Invisible Hand”, a secret organization dedicated to laundering money from businesses such as drug trafficking, human trafficking and contraband. Jacob founded Eurostar Bank for this purpose but El Capo makes his business unstable with OPAC. During the second phase of OPAC, El Capo convinces Bad Boy to join his team; he accepts not only for conviction but also for the hope of conquering the woman he has always loved. With a strong team, El Capo decides to promote OPAC in other cities. The team is divided. Bad Boy, Terry and two former DEA agents, Richard and Uno travel to Mexico City looking for alliances for the OPAC; in the meantime, Leon Jaramillo, Tato, Kyara and Pitre travel to Bogota with the same goal. At this point, El Capo will be surprised when his daughter Julieta joins the OPAC and she will end up falling in love with Pitre. On the other hand, Jacob sends Silvio, his best man, to stop the OPAC in Mexico and Colombia, but El Capo receives him with a trap and kills him.
In the final phase, El Capo begins his trip to Europe in a ship he has turned into a cocaine laboratory, but he will run into two FBI agents who have intercepted him to stop the OPAC. On the other hand, Jacob is able to find as Silvio´s successor, the former right hand of Colonel Velandia, Almeida, and who in order to fence El Capo, kidnaps his grandson. Julieta is determined to find her son and filters Jacob in the Vatican while her father arrives on the ship to help her out. In an apotheosis ending, El Capo meets face to face the most powerful criminal in the world. A confrontation where only one of them can survive, but the cards are on the table and Jacob has lost, not only money, but his credibility in society and is about to go to jail while Leon Jaramillo is protected by the DEA and has the chance of starting a new life with Isabel Cristina, Julieta and his grandson, with new identities and new dreams.

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