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  • The paranormal investigations of They Are Here are based upon total submersion, in which Rafael Taibo, the director, and his investigation team visit sites that cage absolute mystery, filled with presences and phenomena out of this world. Each expert applies their knowledge to provide a guide and arrive upon bizarre events.

  • At the Jimmy Carter School, bullying, suicide, homosexuality, drugs, rebelliousness and social media are some of the situations the young kids from 9ª have to live with and to whom a glimmer of hope shines with the arrival of Francisco Quintana, their new math teacher who becomes their guide and council in the resolution of their conflicts.

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The criminal cases and family law cases presented in the series are based in real life stories an

Soledad Burgos was born in the midst of adversity.

When he was only 10 years old, Diomedes shares with his father, Rafael Maria, the responsibility

Richi Torres, the best salsa dancer in Cali has lost the opportunity of his li

17 years ago a group of friends, partners within a jewelry emporium, take a business trip to New

Victoria Marquez is a beautiful, successful and sophisticated woman.

Rafael Contreras is an amateur boxer who must run away from his home town in Antioquia, after ref

With 15 statues, RCN Television became the great winner of the night of the TV y Novelas Awards, where the audience chooses through votes, their favorite productions and characters on television.

La Ley del Corazon was the most awarded production, winning 10 statues including the most important one of the night: Audience’s Favorite Telenovela.

After 13 years of being away Francisco Reyes returns to the public school Jimmy Carter, this time

No one in this country has prayed the rosary so much, attended so many masses and used as much ro

Galy Galiano is one of the most popular and multifaceted singers in Latin America.


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The paranormal investigations of They Are Here are based upon total submersion,

Discover the largest project of social construction in Colombia.

Maria Alejandra Cardona a 28 years old reporter, will go out and explore the unknown world of tee

From Thailand to New Zealand in Cartagena to Tibet in New York today, next week in Paris, in the

Based on in-depth research, the show dramatizes the most recent social problematic...

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