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Be Informed (Entérese)

Based on in-depth research, the show dramatizes the most recent social problematic... and real life cases, so that audiences can learn about the conflicts affecting Colombian families today. It is the year 2013. Society is witness to technological advances, the strengthening of social networks as communication means, surprising medical discoveries, and changes in society generated by displacement, reintegration and also new criminal forms that are developing. Colombian families face these problems, but they are not always familiar with their origin and consequences. “Entérese”investigates and tackles these themes so that the viewers can learn about them through an agile and attractive drama series in which new talents of Colombian television participate and it also has the talented Marcela Baena as a host. Via “Entérese”, the audience may learn about conflicts related to child abuse, the use of synthetic drugs and other addictions, teenage pregnancy, bullying, and changes in society from the reintegration of armed groups. Now, the panorama is not as dark as it might seem. New communication means allow single people to find new couples anywhere in the world, and any ordinary citizen can become a celebrity in a matter of hours thanks to internet videos and experience how smartphones and social networks have made public some curious cases of infidelity. “Entérese”pretends to showcase this problematic, that way the spectators will be able to make informed and accurate decisions over what may be happening to them and help them understand the social dynamics of the ever changing world we live in.