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After 13 years of being away Francisco Reyes returns to the public school Jimmy Carter, this time not as a student but as a teacher. There he “clashes” with the youngsters of 2017. Young teens that only follow the rules they feel like following where “bullying”, “flaming” and “stalking”, the powerful drug DMA, the addiction to cellphones and an endless thread of new issues brought by Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram prevail. 

On top of all this, Francisco must figure out why the best student of the entire school, Luna Garcia tried to commit suicide.

Mr. Ezequiel, who continues to be the principal of the school thinks it is a joke they have sent as a teacher the student he so many times in the past had problems with; meanwhile for Gabriela Chavez, whom was also a student at the Jimmy and now a Physics teacher at the institution the arrival of Francisco is a great support to try and help these young kids get ahead in life: Mariana Trujillo or “Anabel”, the most aggressive one, Camilo Aza whom spends more time at the Bronx than at school; Rubi Moreno or “Moby Dick” the fattest girl at the Paraiso neighborhood; Maria Monica Sanchez or “the Barby’s”  who considers that thanks to the internet her looks can be acknowledged; Brayan Largo “the Paisita” a pretty boy that says “it is better to hit the ball than to hit the books” and “Gigio” who makes a funny video that goes viral making him “the star” of school and of Bogota giving him the opportunity to even rub shoulders with Sebastian Villalobos and Daneidi Barrera better known as “Eh, eh, Epa Colombia”.

Francisco will feel attracted to Gabriela, just like Mariana will set eyes on K, Rubi on Ricardo and even Daniel on Brayan because romance at school is always present and that is something that doesn’t change even 13 years late.