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The paranormal investigations of They Are Here are based upon total submersion, in which Rafael Taibo, the director, and his investigation team visit sites that cage absolute mystery, filled with presences and phenomena out of this world. Each expert applies their knowledge to provide a guide and arrive upon bizarre events. The team, equipped with the latest technology, such as Sony Handycams cameras that record video in 4K, sony NX-30, Sony Alpha 7, drones, and cellphone cameras that are always ready to capture any novelty, make fully equipped expeditions that have more than 10 recording devices.

The submersions are composed of intense work schedules of more than 18 to 22 hours: the production staff begin their preparations to enter the place in the morning, the submersion starts in the afternoon and extends well into the morning of the following day. The idea is to spend the night exploring the site exposing any visitors to the entities from beyond.