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This is the incredible story of an amazing man. From humble origins and a not so promising future, Jaime Garzón ended up with an entire country at his feet! All because of his extraordinary intelligence, his outstanding talent to do impersonations, and his acute sense of humor. Despite being considered one of Colombia´s ugliest men, there wasn’t a woman he could not seduce. Jaime gave a voice to the oppressed, became the conscience of the people, and could challenge the most powerful individuals in the country.

Jaime understood the world was full of injustice and decided to work relentlessly to finish them, until the day he died. Through his work on television, he discovered he could create wonderful characters, capable of seducing every audience. Jaime not only became an idol, but the only person who would dare say the truths that no one else dared to say. There was nothing Jaime could not do, no one could resist the fascination his sole presence produced.

Jaime created Heriberto, a ragged shoe polisher, his most beloved character. Through him, he started to develop two gratifying and dangerous tasks: act as intermediary for the liberation of kidnapping hostages, and work towards peace in the country. These tasks turned him into a hero for many, but also brought him a few enemies who saw in him a real threat. Eventually, one of the many death threats he received came to fruition, leaving in the country a wound which is yet to seal.