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Discover the largest project of social construction in Colombia. It is a documentary from real life that shows the development of social innovation, which is not a technical solution to a social problem, or a war against power, it is typically systematical because it must understand social tissue in an integral way. This program is based in entrepreneurship that generates a social change though positive transformation. In each emission we will see initiatives led by Colombians who work for the less fortunate and most vulnerable communities in our country, the labors of social entrepreneurs that are worth highlighting, recognizing and projecting in their effort to build a better future. To strengthen the labor of these heroes and their innovative changes, we have a celebrity who will be the intermediary between the TV viewer and the different entrepreneurs, with the objective of reinforcing through their emotions and experience this social adventure, which shows us that in Colombia there are people who are changing the world. Through the participation of a celebrity in Mission Impact the human, solidary and conscientious side of these characters can be shown, providing volunteer timing of 3 to 9 days depending on its availability and the intensity of the entrepreneurship. The goal of Mission Impact is to promote the culture and mindfulness of entrepreneurship and social innovation through a transmedia (TV, Digital) strategy. The Project starts in Colombia and the purpose is to replicate it in the region and around the world.


DIRECTOR: Diego Fernando Valencia Delgado

HOST: Andrea Serna

JUDGES: Catalina Escobar Restrepo, José Francisco Aguirre, Samuel Azout Papu, Mauricio Rodríguez Múnera, Mauricio Toro Orjuela.

DIRECTOR OF CONTENT: Juan Manuel Rosales

LAUNCH DATE 2016: 11 September

FINAL DATE 2016: 13 November 


FORMAT: Entertainment