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Secrets of Paradise

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Victoria Marquez is a beautiful, successful and sophisticated woman. She is well known in the world of fashion for being the owner of a prestigious model agency. Victoria is about to marry Alejandro Soler, and she believes she loves him very much. Her marriage is also the consolidation of the partnership between her mother and her boyfriend, owners of the publicity agency Santana & Soler, one of the most important agencies in Latin America.

Everything is ready so that the wedding is turns out to be the event of the year, however, the destiny of the couple and of the families changes radically when, the day before the wedding, Cristobal, Alejandro’s brother, young and rebellious, meets Victoria accidentally and without knowing that she is his brother’s fiancé, and they are mutually impacted with each other. Victoria, who thought her relationship with Alejandro was perfect, for the first time experiences an irresistible attraction, but with her feet set firmly on the ground, she knows that it is not possible to let desire rule her life, so she tries to forget that sensual stranger assuming that she is never going to run into him again. The great surprise comes after the ceremony, when Alejandro introduces Cristobal, his youngest brother, to Victoria, and she finds out he is the same man that hours earlier took her breath away.

From this moment on, what they believe, what they think, and what they do, (they being Victoria, Cristobal and Alejandro), will radically affect not only their lives, but the lives of everyone that surrounds them. Victoria will find in Cristobal her true love and Alejandro will see his life shatter with the treason of his brother and his girlfriend. The two brothers, who during their teenage years were rivals for the love of their mother, will be rivals again and will test their strength, competing for Victoria’s love. The other members of the family will be dragged to this universe of passions, confusion and private and public scandals.

Without knowing, Victoria, Cristobal and Alejandro, start to relive the same story of Victoria’s parents, who in the past let Victoria’s father drown so they could live out their lust for each other. That is how a curse fell over Victoria for been the daughter of two murderers, a curse that condemns her to repeat history and be free from it only through death.
















DURATION: 120 X 60” EST.


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Silvia de Dios is EUGENIA

She is a 55 a year old woman that maintains her beauty in spite of her age and is a member of the high society and a world full of luxuries and richness. Her nature is passionate, with a dominant character that makes her seem stuck up. She is Victoria’s mother and Cristobal’s lover, a fact that will spin this unforgettable story out of control.  Eugenia knows that darkness, no matter how deep, is at risk of being brought out to light. And though she doesn’t look back, the past caught up with her and tied her heart to a terrible secret that destiny will bring back around and make her pay for.   

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Ernesto Benjumea is RICARDO

He is a 60 year old man whose passion for a woman ended the life of his brother Ricardo; this cements the basis of a curse that his loved ones will pay a high price for. Even though Guillermo tries to hide and redeem his past, it catches up to him and destroys what he loves more in life. His character is questioned by his son Julian, who sees him as a weak man, faint hearted, that has never gotten close to him emotionally. But his dark secret will come out of the shadows and will make him pay with a sweet revenge.

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Jorge Cao is GUILLERMO

He is an opportunistic 64 year old man that only looks for his benefit without regards to whom he has to destroy to get it. He doesn’t imagine a world without luxury and opulence, which is why he doesn’t care about breaking any law or use any method to seize all the opportunities to enrich his patrimony. He will become an unconditional accomplice to swindle a son who is only looking for his mother’s love. His actions will plant the seeds for a war that will spare no victims and that will have a catastrophic ending.

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Patricia Tamayo is HELENA

She is a 56 year old woman whose life changed because of treason and it created an eternal mourning in her heart. In this eternal darkness, she developed a strong heart, and is determined and sometimes selfish, which can make her a cold, resentful and manipulative. In her world of appearances and masks, she will lose her senses and tie her reason of living to money and social status and recognition. Although she knows she cannot stop the future from happening or go back to the past, she tries to do it with all her strength, because in the shadows and in her soul, lies a secret she does not dare reveal.

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Linda Baldrich is LUCIA

She is a pretty 27 year old woman that knows that a day without love is a lost day. Her personality is cheerful and she is very optimistic; but everything changes when life guides her to the path of shadows of pain. Even though she desires with all her will to be Cristobal’s only love and the fact that she loved him when nobody else did will mark her life forever. In her romantic relationship there will be no balance, and it will be unpredictable. Lucia knows that in her story, he is the villain, but to her heart, he is her savior. 

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Victoria is a beautiful woman that captivates everyone’s looks when she walks by. Even though she belongs to the upper class and lives in a world of pleasures, where the rich and powerful play with the lives of others, she breaks the scheme by being dedicated, disciplined and hard working. Her life will change because of a second of passion, for the first time she really feels it, even if that second costs her the life she had carefully planned. Her passion has no limits, and her idea of life will be put to the test by a forbidden love.  When adversity takes the place of prosperity, Victoria will be exposed to a new world of passion that brings with it a huge cloud of pain.

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Alejandro is a successful executive that dedicates his days to creativity and the love of his life, Victoria. Even though sometimes the stress from work is tough, he tries to be an excellent leader, warm, tolerant, creative and above all, human. He has an assertive character and his ambition has no limits. He leaves fearlessly about facing the obstacles that may get in his way. His steps through the world are strong and decisive and his vision of life is clear.  The joy in his life comes from his love without boundaries, which brings every new day a different sunset. However, he will face an impossible love that will change his reality.

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Juan Pablo Espinosa is CRISTOBAL SOLER

Cristobal is an attractive 30 year old man that recognizes that chaos is the law of nature, and order, is only a man’s dream. For him, every day brings a new horizon, adrenaline without limits; becoming in the architect of his own destiny. The need to be free makes him get into situations that make him break social paradigms, without fear of destroying whatever gets in his way. Which is why; he lives a life out of the ordinary, beyond rules, in an endless road across the world. His eternal passion guides his thoughts and dominates his actions. He sees love as an exquisite pain; but, he knows that without it nothing makes sense. He knows that when you love something forbidden, reason disappears.