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Heart's Decree
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Heart's Decree

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The criminal cases and family law cases presented in the series are based in real life stories and move forward simultaneously to the main love story between Julia Escallon and Pablo Dominguez, two lawyers, experts in family law, who chance brings together when he has just signed his divorce papers and she is about to get married.

Pablo Dominguez is one of the partners at the firm Cabal-Ortega-Dominguez and partners, within the firm he has respect and admiration from his colleagues, however, he is suffering the consequences of a divorce and facing the possibility of not seeing his stepchildren, whom he loves as if they were his own children. On her part, Julia Escallon, a young lawyer, is joyous because she is going to marry Camilo Borrero, the man she is completely in love with. However, everything radically changes for Julia when already at the altar and seconds away from saying “I do” sees her boyfriend being arrested, and convicted of murdering the stripper from his bachelor party.

Julia and Pablo, lawyers of two clients arguing for the custody of their son, meet again the courtroom and relationship starts between a man and a woman who have lost their faith in love, but with the possible limitation of the release from prison of Camilo, Julia´s boyfriend, when his innocence is proven.

In a parallel manner to this central story, the romantic and interpersonal conflicts of the other lawyers in the firm move forward, like those of the charming womanizer Nicolas Ortega, the brilliant Alfredo Duperly, the righteous Marcos Tibata, the romantic Catalina Mejia, the feminist Maria del Pilar Garces, the jealous Rosa Ferro, the witty Ivan Estefan, the wise Hernando, the funny Elias Rodriguez and other characters, who paradoxically search for love in an environment of separations and hate, precisely in a place where it usually ends.













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Sebastian Martinez is Camilo Borrero

A prestigious criminal lawyer, one of the best in the business, Julia´s boss and a partner of a firm which is a competition to Pablo´s firm. He is a very handsome man, intelligent, arrogant, a millionaire, successful and very sure of himself. At the start of the story he is one day away from marrying Julia, but a crime which took place in his bachelor party stops him from getting marrying and he will spend his time in jail instead than on his honey moon. However, Camilo will stop at nothing to prove his complete innocence and clear his image, and also continue his life with Julia, whom he loves. Camino won’t back down until he gets what he wants, he is a warrior who won’t go down without a fight.

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Lina Tejeiro is Catalina Mejia

Single, specialized in family law. He is the good lawyer, romantic, sensitive, who gets emotionally involved with her clients and cries and suffers along them. She wants to get married, have children because despite the emotional chaos that surrounds her she still believes in the perfect love and she is out looking for it. For two years she was been secretly in love with her colleague Alfredo Duperly, whom she also admires as a professional; however, when she sees her feelings are not corresponded, she tries through different ways to find her prince charming, but every time things end badly for her.

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Rodrigo Candamil is Alfredo Duperly

Single, criminal lawyer. He is Pablo Dominguez´s best friend and tends to give him advice. Alfredo is a very righteous man, with an impeccable CV, and with a lot of credibility within and outside the firm. He would never do anything dishonest or immoral, or defend someone´s innocence if he didn’t believe that were the case, which is why he is hired to handle Camilo Borrero´s case. Alfredo is unaware of the strong feelings that Catalina has towards him, but when he sees her in the arms of Andres Borrero, he will start a fight to seduce the woman he has ignored for two years.

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Mabel Moreno is Maria del Pilar Garces

Single, without children, A partner in the firm, expert in family law. Single, promiscuous, a feminist, very liberal, she tries to always favor women over men. She has a strong character, hardworking and with a strong hand when it comes to cases related to domestic violence. She constantly guides her college Catalina, who unlike her, tends to be more vulnerable and emotional. Maria del Pilar works with her heart and her feet on the ground. She has an excellent relation with her womanizer colleague Nicolas Ortega, who occasionally flirts with her, but she always puts him in his place and their relationship is strictly professional.

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Ivan Lopez is Nicolas Ortega

Very attractive. Single, egocentric, vain, cynical. He is a gigolo and a flirt who does not miss any opportunity to have a new affair. He avoids marriage and life with a couple. He is a partner in the firm and an expert in criminal law. He takes care of the cases in which family law involves criminal law, like kidnapping of children, underage abuse, domestic violence, murder of one of the souses, etc. He is willing to do anything to win a case.  

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Mario Ruiz is Elias Rodriguez

A lawyer of a lower class, expert in family law. A very honest professional renowned for his sense of humor, generosity and contagious energy in parties. He has a certain wit, which allows him to be a walking lie detector, he knows them all. He does the job of a detective when he has to prove his client´s partner’s infidelities. He adores his wife, to whom he has been married for twenty years. However, at the beginning of the story Elias is caught being unfaithful, his wife asks him for a divorce, but he refuses, and devotes his personal time to get his wife back.

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Manuel Sarmiento is Ivan Estefan

A lawyer expert in family law. He feels more important than what he really is and hopes to be a partner in the firm, but he has not accomplished it, so he is a resented man. He presents himself as an immaculate lawyer, but in order to get what he wants he ignores professional ethics. Even though he is married and has children, he has an affair with Rosa Ferro, another lawyer of the firm. Despite her dubious morality, Ivan is one of the most capable lawyer and one that brings many profits to the firm. He tries plants seeds of discord every chance he gets and feels especially disdain for Pablo Dominguez and does not rest until he bugs him.  


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Strikingly handsome. Partner at the firm Cabal-Ortega-Domínguez and Associates. Pablo is sucessful lawyer, expert in Family Law, he is constantly guided by the laws of ethics and love. Pablo is divorced and does not have any children; instead, he has two stepsons that he supports and loves unconditionality as if they were his own. Due to this, Jimena Rivera, his ex-wife, continually manipulates him. He has a prosperous career, but his love life is empty; until he meets Julia, the woman who become the love of his life.  

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Single, gorgeous, a brilliant lawyer expert in family law, who at the beginning of the story is about to marry Camilo Borrero. But the day of the wedding, her marriage doesn’t take place which gives her the chance to meet Pablo, the star, whom she will end up working alongside in the firm Cabal-Ortega-Dominguez and partners. Although her relationship with Camilo is on a break, she is still in love with him, but her closeness to Pablo will make her slowly discover she is attracted to him.