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In the second season of La Ley del Corazon we will see our lawyers, experts in family and penal law: Pablo Domínguez, Alfredo Duperly, Nicolás Ortega, María del Pilar Garcés, Catalina Mejía, Julia Escallón, and Marcos Tibatá, dedicated to their cases of family, couples and criminal conflicts, but this time in the context of the construction and consolidation of their new law firm, following the liquidation of Cabal, Ortega, Domínguez y Asociados.

The arrival of the prestigious lawyer, Adela Zambrano, allowed them to establish their new law firm and thus, this new firm will come with a couple of attorneys that worked with her, Dr. Soledad Santamaría, lawyer in criminal law and Dr. Valentín Martelo, expert attorney in family law.

Parallel to this, we will learn a lot more about the romantic and personal lives of our lawyers:

Alfredo Duperly and Catalina Mejía, will enjoy their "happy" married life, but they will discover that there are difficulties to fulfill their dream of becoming parents. María del Pilar Garcés and Nicolás Ortega, will decide to take another step in their relationship and they will develop a conflictive romance.

On the other hand, Marcos Tibatá and Camila Salamanca, will continue their romance, and we will see more clearly the professional and social climb of Marcos and the conflicts that this will represent for the couple.

Finally, Pablo Domínguez, who achieved the adoption and joint custody of his children, must live with the children and at the same time work on his relationship with Julia Escallón, free of any ties, but this situation will delay and complicate their relationship, showing the difficult evolution of a "contemporary" courtship, where one of the parties has responsibilities with children.

This way, this group of lawyers will face this new work beginning that is moving from the crisis in which they were left, but also facing their personal and romantic lives.