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Capitulo 1
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Giving tribute to the mythical king named Midas Clemente, the owner of an important lottery company in the country, has decides to change the life of three mere mortals to fulfill his dying wife´s last wish and hand over all of his money to the poor for them to get eternal rest.

1. Gladys Moreno, a woman born in Barranquilla, who works as a beautician, a kind hearted woman, the mother of two kids, married to a bastard that cheats on her with a younger woman. She will be one of the lucky people that thanks to Midas will become a millionaire. Accompanied by her transvestite brother Nahomi will arrive to Bogota to become a business woman in the cosmetics world, a place where she will find a second chance at love in the hands of a fraud called Diego Casanova.

2. Domingo Perez, a humble shoe shiner never imagines that a lottery ticket that Midas Sanclemente gives to him in the National Square the “plaza de Bolivar”, where Domingo works to sustain his family, might actually make him rich, truly rich. But he never thought that aided by his own wife, Reynaldo (his twin brother) separates him from the possibility of being a millionaire. Challenged by this treason, Domingo swears that he is capable of creating an organization for special children where he can raise his autistic daughter and give his family a better future. On the path to his goal he will meet a psychologist with whom he will have another chance at love. He will also encounter a corrupt politician who will involve Domingo in a web of power that will lead him to win a seat in Congress.

3. The last one is Leonelo, a taxi cab driver with the worst luck in the world, drowning in debts and lawsuits from two of his former lovers. Leonelo never imagined when he picked up an old man in the airport, a man named Goyo, he would leave in his taxicab a ticket to fortune. Goyo is an old friend of Midas who knowing the precarious situation in which he lives, decides to give him a winning lottery ticket without imagining that such surprise will cause Goyo´s death in the taxicab of Leonelo. Leonelo decides that he is going to keep the lottery ticket that might change his luck, but when he sees Sofia, (the beautiful lawyer and granddaughter of Goyo) and her family claiming the death body of his grandfather, he feels guilty for taking from her the possibility of organizing her financial future and decides to help her out, having his best friend as an accomplice, Leonelo pretends to be an important business man that will steal Sofia´s heart. The Lucky day, for everyone.

Three stories narrated with humor and everyday language, where the universal dream of every human being is addressed: winning the lottery and fixing all problems with money. Three stories that will serve as a metaphor on how money has the power to transform our life values, for better or for worse; and how love, health and family are treasures in life that are worth more than all the gold in the world.






















DURATION: 132 x 60" EST.


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Fabio Rubiano is OCTAVIO POMBO

Attractive and athletic, he wears classic clothes but not old fashioned; he has the perfect façade of a gentleman with refined taste and good manners, and nobody would ever imagine that behind that face, there is the most powerful and dangerous drug lord of the country; he is astute and ambitious in business, he doesn´t miss anything, he has everything under a plan so that his name will never be revealed; he is responsible for Sofia´s uncle´s death, a crime for which her father is paying a sentence in prison, and it is his ghost who makes Sofia´s life impossible and keep her from finding the true guilty man. Manipulator and with little morals, he convinces Mouse to make Leo invest his clean money with him. 

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Kimberly Reyes is SOFÍA

She is a pure beauty and it´s impossible not to notice her. She is a fighter, a lawyer by profession, a hard worker and passionate about justice. She lives with her mother and her grandfather because she has great debt; her father is in jail but he´s innocent; her biggest challenge is proving her father´s innocence and with her perseverance she will be able to reach the head of the great drug lord: Octavio. She is faithful, committed and doesn´t give up no matter the situation she´s going through, on the contrary, she believes that obstacles are just challenges for her success. 

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Mauricio Mejía is LEONELO ÁLVAREZ, ‘LEO’

He is sort of good looking and the right height, but he doesn´t take care of himself so he doesn´t look that good. He is the best but unluckiest man in the world, hard worker and honest, but nothing works out for him in life, bad luck follows him around; he is faithful and loyal to his principles, he tries to make it through the month with the money he makes as a taxi driver on a cab he doesn´t even own; he has two ex-wives that make his life very complicated, that´s why he hasn´t been able to re-start his love life; therefore, he lives with his mother, his sister and her husband.  

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The forty something man who takes the best care of himself, vain by nature and with great manners. Of austral origins, restless conqueror, spends more than he makes, a gentleman with refined manners but with a bigger ego than Maradona´s; a womanizer; he knows the world enough to know that any woman with money can be his prey; he falls for Gladys´s millions, putting up with her ugliness, he promises her eternal love in order to keep her money; he works with his partner and mistress, Miranda, as representatives of a hair product brand well known around the world. 

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Yennifer Steffens is MAGALY

Bitter, racist and manipulative; she thinks that because she receives her government pension, she has a better economic level than her neighbors; she is convinced that her son married the worst garbage the world could produce, she hates Gladys and her brother, who she calls a sexual freak; she curses the life she had to live and supports her son in everything he does, even in his relationship with his mistress, Yalile; however, it is precisely her only son´s ambition and lack of business intelligence, which will leave her out on the streets. 

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Black man with a perfect body honoring his race; he doesn´t hide the fact that he´s gay. Social classes don´t exist for him, since class is dictated by the wallet; he dreams of having his own line of hair products and being the guru of the hair industry, but especially, of being the diva with which Colombians dream of; he is in love with a lieutenant for whom he would put his hands on fire; he is joyful, temperamental, a hard worker who loves life and fashion; he loves gossip with his sister Gladys, ideal partner because he would never abandon her, he will always tell her what she wants and what she doesn´t want to hear.  

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María Elena Alvarado is GLADYS MORENO

She is a black woman, not very attractive and overweighed, she dresses in a tacky way and doesn´t take care of her body. She finished high school and took some beauty school courses; she is a good person, owner of a beauty salon and is very superstitious; she has a favorite witch, who she pays by giving her manicures and pedicures when she doesn´t have any money left; Gladys is very imprudent, she has a loose mouth but she is helpful, loves her home and is a big dreamer; lives with her racist mother in law, her husband and her children; her husband doesn´t love her and her children take advantage of her; a lot of times they even make her believe that life would be better without her; if it wasn´t for the strength her brother gives her and for her manicurist´s joy, she would´ve already given up. 

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Nórida Rodríguez is PERLA

She has a feline beauty despite her age. She is an ex-prostitute who has received hard punches from life; she left escaping from Reinaldo´s abuse, which almost left her paralyzed; she loves only herself, and she is not interested in establishing ties with anybody who can´t give her what she wants; nobody knew where she was but she suddenly appears at a moment in which the Perez brothers win the lottery; she will be Martha´s worst enemy since Perla wants to be a part of Reinaldo´s life once more. 

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Margalida Castro is JUSTINA PÉREZ

She is Domingo and Reynaldo’s mother.  She is a kind hearted woman. Pastora only has relationships with her neighbors in the neighborhood and that is only to say hello or be of service if she is needed. She earns her money by helping out the owner of the tenement house where she lives with her family. She is convinced that her daughter in law (Martha) will never change. Deep down she knows that her son Reynaldo feels jealous towards his brother Domingo, but she also knows that he is the one that needs more help because he was born this way (resentful). Reynaldo is her Aquiles heel; she weeps and suffers for him in silence, asking God to keep her from getting to hear one day the news that he was killed while committing a crime. 


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A big woman, serious and temperamental who spends her time locked in her house watching telenovelas and taking care of her “dumb” daughter. She is dissatisfied, explosive and with bad temper who is never happy with anything; she hates the neighborhood she lives in, her friends, the clothes she wears and what she hates the most is having to take care of her autistic daughter and her father, who is always drunk; she hates her mother in law, she can´t stand her; she resents being poor, she´s lazy and she thinks that she was born with a noble title.  

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Margarita Ortega is LUISA MANZANO

She has a modern hippie chic air around her, accompanied by a natural beauty. She has great social sensibility; she is joyful, with no ties, uncomplicated and solidary; she wants to contribute with a grain of sand that will make the world a better place; she is the mother of an autistic boy, she is divorced from an alcoholic man; it´s not in her plans to fall in love again until Domingo shows up in her life; she works in a foundation and that´s how she meets Domingo, when he looks for a spot for Princesa in it; little by little they will fall in love, she will become his protector and give him back his faith in love. 

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Ramiro Meneses is REINALDO

He doesn´t look that good for his age because his lifestyle has made him pay. He is the Cain of the story, he is the antithesis of Domingo regarding values, affections and way of life; he has a daughter who has been raised by his mother and his brother, Domingo; he is always looking for the way to do crooked business, he married a prostitute who abandoned him, tired of the way he mistreated her; he uses this abandonment to say that it was what ruined him but they all know it´s a lie, because Reinaldo´s true love is Martha, his twin brother´s wife. 

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Ramiro Meneses is DOMINGO

He is a small man, with olive skin and a kind smile, he is the typical poor Bogota citizen. He has good feelings, happy in the middle of his poverty, thankful, solidary and concerned for the people he loves; he is shy and simple man, he works as a shoe shiner and he does such a good job that he is famous for it, to the point that the politicians request his services; for Domingo, it is lucky to have a family, a wife, a daughter, a brother, a mother and grandfather, and to have food to put in the pots every day to eat; he is the Abel of the relationship with his twin brother; he is an everyday Colombian whose life will change when  one day he gives his condolences to Mr. Midas, the owner of the lottery. 

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Gustavo Angarita is MIDAS CLEMENTE

Mature, elegant man who looks really good for his age. He is proud of the life he has lived; with unbreakable moral bases he is a man of his word when doing business; when his story begins, he is a lonely man who faces the loss of his wife and partner for more than 50 years; Midas became a respected and admired merchant at the national level, and together with his wife, they started a lottery that became the biggest one in the country.