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The Vega's

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The Vega's


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No one in this country has prayed the rosary so much, attended so many masses and used as much rosary beads as the beautiful, pious and adored Veronica de Vega. She has many reasons to pray, however, the main reason of all she will find the day this story begins: on the birthday of his adored and loyal husband CARLOS. 

After celebrating a mass at home for him, thanking God for all the good things that have happened in her life, Veronica gets some news that split her life in before and after: The first one is the death of her husband. Yes. Carlos, her adored and faithful companion dies on his birthday. As if that was not bad enough, the second blow is the one she gets during the funeral, when she discovers that her husband of 27 years, 9 months and 14 days slept with every slut who crossed his path. But that is not the worse, she finds out that the man has left her and her daughters literally penniless. With her house being repossessed and as on top of it all, with Carlitos, a son he had with another woman.

For Mariana, the eldest daughter, with her rigid character, it’s a real tragedy, and according to her numbers, in two months, eight days and 23 hours they will lose everything, unless they can find a very high paid job. For the positive and extremely optimistic Antonia, this is one of those obstacles which can be overcome by a cleansing of the aura, a Feng Shu therapy or a bath with seven herbs, and for the rebellious Camila, the youngest of the three, this is an entertaining and “maddening”” thing. However, a small light of hope opens up in the torturous road of these women when they inherit a brothel, which their late father and husband used to own.

After trying everything and having no more options, they decide to use the place to do some bachelorette parties, business that gives them enough to pay the first bank instalment moments before being evicted from their house. This leads them to think about the possibilities of “formalizing the business” and creating in the former brothel women´s strip club.

That is how Veronica, after balancing the business or leaving the family out on the streets on a scale, has no other choice but to put everything in God´s hands, and inaugurate, despite her wishes and under the condition to do everything very wholesome and far from lust and promiscuity, the women-only strip bar “LAS VEGA’S” is born. 

Will these four women, who have absolutely no knowledge of the night world get ahead with a strip bar? Could a women-only strip bar which only presents typical Colombian dances make it? And the most important thing: can these four women find happiness, personal satisfaction and love in a world where they clearly don’t belong? These and more questions will be solved in this entertaining 80-episode comedy where women, to get ahead in their business “put on their pants” while the men take them off. 









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Carlos Hurtado is Carlos Vega

Carlos is the most creative, ingenious and astute man there is. The problem is that all those skills he uses for lying. He is such a liar that during 27 years, 9 months and 14 days he convinced his wife and daughters that in the evenings he was driving his taxi, when in reality he was the owner of a brothel where he also had affairs with his “employees”. But that is not all, this man is such a liar that even his death is a complete lie. So, like the song says “He was not dead, he was out partying”!

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Alejandro Martinez es Alvaro Sandoval

For this lawyer, his motto in life is “the end justifies the means”, it does not matter if the means involves stealing, lying or creating illegal alliances with his low class partners. Although he pretends to be from a high society family, Alvaro grew up in the same neighborhood as Veronica and Carlos. Even so, he has accomplished all his objectives, with the exception of seducing Veronica, but after years of obsessing and setting a trap for Carlos to get him out of the way, Alvaro thinks he has his path free to cath her.  But he was not counting on competition from Mauricio, the barman that Carlos designated to protect his family in his absence.  

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Elizabeth Minotta is Mariana Vega

When the first child is born, parents are usually overprotecting; maybe because of this Mariana has always been very rigid. As a child she used to organize her dolls by color, stature and hair color, however, when she married GERMAN, a man more rigid than her, this pretty and tender woman became the most inflexible woman of all, which has led her to become a woman consumed by a profound loneliness, which she only alleviates with the company of her son JUAN PABLO (a Labrador dog), to whom she would even donate a kidney to in order to save his life.

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Camila Zarate is Antonia Vega

Antonia is the most desperately optimistic woman in the world. Since she can recall her life has been dance. She was always a happy and entertaining girl, and she sees the positive side to everything. Even to Benjamin, the most pessimistic and negative man in the world, whom he fell in love with under the premise of filling dark souls with light, with whom she had her son TOÑITO and who, years later, she separated from because she could not stand him. So, the way things stand, Antonia can be very obnoxious with her positivism, but she is such a good mother that she would break her own leg and stop dancing in order to see her beloved son smile.

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Greicy Rendon is Camila Vega

Camila is an expert in in contradicting everyone. Neither Veronica or her sisters can figure out where beautiful Camila got her rebellious spirit from. But the truth is that when she was young, seeing her father, (the man she loved most in the world), betraying her mother, (the woman whom she loved the most), turned this woman into someone who does not believe in anything or anyone. However, this apparently tough woman, is all sweetness inside. She loves her mother more than everything in the world and she would even stop partying if the life of one of her sisters depended on it.

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Biassini Segura is Carlitos Vega

Being the son of the mistress is not nice, but it’s much worse when your mother abandons you to your own luck to go after another man. That is the life of the nice but not handsome CARLITOS, whom life has taught hit after hit, that whoever has a family has a real treasure. He is completely innocent. When he meets his sisters, he gives himself to them as the most tender and loyal brother, even if they apparently don’t care much for him.

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Carlos Manuel Vesga is German

If his wife Mariana organizes clothes by color scheme, German organizes her life and his life with an Excel chart. He has a simple mind, is completely shallow and his creative thoughts are basically nonexistent. Since he was a kid, his rigid and repressed parents raised him to be the possessor of the truth and to resist change completely. For that reason, everything he does in life is absolutely planned. His house, his wife, his work, his son and of course, his mistress. Because, according to him if he is organized there is a time and place for everything. That is the basis of success.

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Gato Baptista is Vicente

Vicente is what we call a “cool” guy. If life gives him a hundred reasons to cry, he has 101 reasons to smile. The problem is with that exaggerated joyfulness, his cheerfulness borders on irresponsibility. And because he has had everything, his perception of life is a bit irresponsible. When the chance comes to dedicate himself to dancing as a stripper in front of a group of lustful women, he does not doubt a second and quits the job as an executive he had at the bank, to work full time to partying and dancing, until he meets Mariana, who will remind him that love is more important than any party.

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Luis Alfredo Velasco is Coto

Even though the tricks of age confirm that he is in the sunset in his career as a stripper, for Coto, to dance and get naked in front of women is an art which must be executed with mystic and discipline. However, this has caused more than one problem in his life. Twenty years ago, he lost his girlfriend Magdalena, when her parents saw what he did for a living. However, after twenty years he discovers that Magdalena is back in the country, and that she had a daughter with him (Lorena) who was adopted by another man, none other than a City Council member. Now that he knows of her existence, he will do everything he can to get her back.  

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Antonio Jimenez es Robinson

In the bar´s corridors there are rumors that Argentineans are humble and simple people compared to Robinson, “Las Vega´s” semi God. He is a charitable person, because he decided to become a stripper to share his beauty with the world and nurture the eyes of his clients. In Summary, Robinson is egocentric and self-centered and his only objective in life is to find a woman to support him.

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Tiberio Cruz is Pedro

Timid but nice, Pedro suffers from something no dancer should suffer from: stage fright. This was caused by an embarrassed event in his childhood, which was later reinforced by an embarrassing event in his teenage years and potentiated by Natalia, a manipulative woman with one semester in psychology who ended up seducing him and marrying him. Pedro suffers from so much stage fright that he decided there would be no guests at his wedding, in order to avoid the speech. But he is such a good friend that he decided to lend Vicente his wedding band, because this one wanted to pick up women in search for married men.

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Mauricio has almost everything to be a real suitor: handsome, with nice feelings, kind, intelligent, a sense of humor, confident, charismatic and a very good listener, but as soon as he opens his mouth he turns into a “lothario”. And it’s not his fault, he was raised in a very popular neighborhood and since he was a kid he has had to fight to survive in a country that provides very few opportunities. So, after working in a lot of things, he found his true vocation when a friend got him a job as a bouncer in a bar and from there he scaled up until he became the place´s barman, turning into the best barman of the place.

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No one in the country has prayed so many Rosaries, attended as many masses and used as many prayer beads as the beautiful, pious and loving Veronica de Vega. Because of her background and attitude towards life, the worst thing that can happen to her is to have to get ahead in life with a strip bar. But for this noble woman, with good feelings and who surrenders to God´s will, the most important thing is family, her family, to whom she devotes her life to.