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Contenido ventas internacional
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Mariana Solano, a beautiful and skilled lawyer, has worked for a couple of years in a security company: A&L Associates. Surprisingly, her former fiancé, who she hasn’t seen in three years, Santiago Negret comes to work here.
Before the abrupt ending to their relationship, Santiago and Mariana loved each other intensely and were engaged to be married. Two days prior to the wedding, Santiago calls off the wedding without any explanation to Mariana leaving her devastated and heartbroken. Only Santiago knows the real reasons for his actions; reasons he is unable to share with her. Running into each other is hard enough, but having to work together within the same company is too hard for either of them to bare. Mariana, from her side still has some feelings for Santiago, but she instantly rejects him, doesn’t allow him to come near her and refuses to work together. Santiago, who has finally been able to come home and hopefully find the way of explaining his actions, is desperate to get her attention. Mariana is unable to quit her job since she is the home provider and cannot affect her family. The truth of why she wants to keep a distance from Santiago is that she fears her emotions may take the best of her and she will once again fall for him.
Santiago finds himself tricked by his cousin Lorenzo, president of A & L Associates. His unconditional love for Mariana will lead him into a trap where he will find himself forced to take part in an undercover operation. His cousin runs a scheme that consists of taking middle class honest people for all they´ve got by operations Lorenzo calls “hits”.
Mariana, an intelligent and focused woman, will find herself caught between her heart and reason. Bewildered and confused she decides to follow Santiago’s strange moves, only to find both herself and her family completely involved in a situation where ‘they will become obstacles to Santiago’s secret doings.
While Mariana is cold, evasive and rapidly rejects all of Santiago’s approaches, Lorenzo is more and more successful in his calculated strategy to win her trust and heart.
The scheme Santiago prepares using his wit and with the help of some of Mariana´s relatives are the basis of the adventures and the dangers which will be developed throughout this love story. Santiago must be very careful since he knows that if Mariana discovers his secret activities she will not accept this and this will further drive them apart. Santiago must therefore not only defeat the despicable characters his cousin Lorenzo presents him with, he must also find a way to rid himself from the black mail his cousin has over him; all this if he ever wants to lead a normal life, and gain back Marianas trust and love.