A few months after its launch, 'Heart’s Decree', has become the favorite weekly night production of Colombians in national prime time - a phenomenon in social networks such as Instagram, where fans have created more than 20 accounts for this production: @lauraylucianofans, @memeslesyvscorazonfans, @pabliacaterly, @leyvscorazonfans, @_pablojulia_ @mapicolas, @la_ley_del_corazon_colombia and many others, in which social media shares fragments of episodes of this extraordinary series, memes and creative videos about the relationships of characters with the stories law firm. On Twitter, Heart’s Decree is one of the most commented productions leading trends almost every night and on Facebook public and private accounts, as well as groups such as Wiki Mujeres (9,991 women) commented on every episode.


Such is the impact that Heart’s Decree has generated in the Colombian audiences of all target and age, that it is a topic of conversation at family gatherings, social gatherings and at the office. This series is a mixture of drama, passion, of love, personal conflicts of all manners, all with a permanent touch of humor.  It stars an outstanding extraordinary cast and more than 400 guest actors know both nationally as well as internationally.


"From the beginning of 'Heart’s Decree’s' broadcast I have received a magnificently positive impact on behalf of the audience, in fact, the followers on my social network accounts have more than doubled since then and the affection of the people in the street is wonderful. It is undeniable that 'Heart’s Decree’s' is Colombians’ favorite television production. Although to achieve this show there were many hours of shooting and effort, all this is more than compensated by the audience’s support, by their public demonstrations of affection. In the past, I have participated in various Venezuelan projects that were very successful, but here in Colombia, this production has generated a series of very positive emotions, a situation that makes me deeply happy; being successful in a foreign country is an immense satisfaction. I am very grateful for all the good comments I receive on a daily basis," says Luciano D'Alessandro, Venezuelan lead actor of 'Heart’s Decree’s'.


"I felt the public’s warmth, their affection.  By the issues addressed within, issues which are all highly sensitive, and which, furthermore, are situations that are very common in real life, this production raises many passions, a near perfect audience affinity, for this reason children, the young and adults, do not miss any episode. Most of the comments I get from people, is that 'Heart’s Decree’s' is “the best” and that they are totally hooked. When we actors participate in a good project, a quality production, we realize that people love to see such good stories," quotes Laura Londoño, who plays the female lead in our production, Dr. Julia Escallón – Dr. in Family Law.


’Heart’s Decree‘’ is a drama that takes place in a successful law firm specialized in family law where ten lawyers are dedicated to handling cases of separations, divorce, stories of abuse, separations, adoptions of same-sex couples, cases of sexual abuse and family and couple conflicts among others, and in general a wide range of human conflict. In solving their client’s cases this group of trendy, hip, modern, lawyers under a fast and inspiring universe will find themselves wrapped and will find themselves and their personal lives situations similar to those of the cases that they handle and will be forced to be confronted with their own emotions.

Los protagonistas hablan del éxito de esta producción