‘Sugar’, the amazing production of RCN Television and FoxTelecolombia, will be released in Angola and Mozambique on July 20th through the ´Zap Novelas´ Channel on primetime at 9:00 pm, Mondays through Fridays. This channel has successfully aired other productions like La Traicionera and Secretos del Paraiso. This production is currently on the air in other countries such as Ecuador, Honduras, United States, Puerto Rico, Chile and El Salvador.

Sugarr is an 80 episode series written by Mauricio Navas and includes an all-star cast: Juan Pablo Gamboa, Valentina Acosta, Indhira Serrano, Alejandra Borrero, Óscar Borda, Álvaro Bayona, María Fernanda Yepes, Marcela Agudelo, Andrés Felipe Martínez, Carolina López, Carlos Torres, Jhon Alex Toro, Roberto Cano, Jair Romero, Kriss Cifuentes y Camila Porras. The story revolves around the love affair between the plantation owner and slave master Manuel Maria Solaz and the slave Sixta Lucumí, who conceive a child called Maximiliano, unleashing the rejection of all the family towards the boy for being half black. Manuel Maria´s wife, Matilde, feeling betrayed, takes the baby from Sixta´s and the slave, carried away by her pain, releases a curse against the Solaz family that will last for three generations. In order to recreate this production, real locations like sugar cane plantations in Valle del Cauca, Colombia, were used, where more than 30 real harvesters participated for the sugar cane cutting scenes.