Greeicy Rendon and Santiago Talledo, stars of 'Vampire Girl' continue wowing fans in each country they visit on behalf of the success of the teen series. First it was Italy, where they amazed teenagers who recognized them as the actors in the series. Now, it´s France´s turn, where young actors are on a promotional tour and have become quite an event; therefore, every book signing has been a great success. The same is happening s to the media of that country, who continuously interview them to talk about the success of this production. Additionally, they recently released an album with the songs performed of the series and it has also become a hit. “It has been a great surprise for everybody to be received this way; leaving your country,  going to  a place where you don´t even understand the language, and finding people who recognize you, in this case the children, knowing that they love the characters and see you as an idol, it´s amazing. First, we went to Italy and we felt all that love; now, we went to France and found that love tripled with the admiration of thousands of kids waiting to have a moment with us, it´s amazing, I´m completely amazed. I act, sing and dance because it´s what I like to do, but I´m never thinking about if I´m famous or not, I feel like it comes as a plus, but the children have a beautiful energy and I feel like if you´re doing a good job, the most beautiful feeling is to be recognized, because as artists, we work for the audience. I´ve seen Italy and France and all the other places I´ve visited it´s been thanks to Vampire Girl, I had never traveled so far away from my country and arriving at another place and being treated like a diva is amazing”, said Greeicy from Italy, where she is still promoting the series, currently airing in Venezuela, Nickelodeon Latin America, El Salvador, Panamá, Nicaragua, United States, Netflix Latin America, Poland, Italy, France, Bolivia, Honduras, Angola and Mozambique.