‘Chica Vampiro’,RCN televison youthful series arrived on the 26th of October in Portugal and since its premiere it has become one of the Prime Time leaders. The series, which in the European country is called ‘Miuda Vampira’, airs Monday through Friday at 1:00 p.m., with a rerun on the weekends, via the channel Biggs, and in less than one month of emission it has located itself in the chart of the 20 most watched productions in the country. Portugal is one of other European countries which has been infected by ‘vampire mania’, which in 2013 seduced Colombians and also conquered audiences in countries like Venezuela, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Honduras, Italy, Poland, Netherlands, France, United States, Panama, Angola and Mozambique, besides being transmitted in international networks like Nickelodeon Latin America, and Netflix Latin America. ‘Chica Vampiro’has Greeicy Rendon and Santiago Talledo as lead actors, and it brings a perfect blend of music and dance with the love story between Daisy and Max, which has kept both children and teenagers glued to the show since its early emissions. RCN Channel´s productions keep broadening frontiers of Colombian talents, charming international audiences once more.