RCN Television productions are still seducing audiences beyond borders. This time ‘Secretos del Paraiso’ and ‘La Traicionera’ were sold to the channel ZAP Novelas and that way it will reach Angola and Mozambique in the African continent. One of the main enticing aspects of ‘Secretos del Paraiso’ and ‘La Traicionera’ is that via their stories they rescue the characteristics of traditional telenovelas in which love and treason are the leading thread. ‘Secretos del Paraiso’ has Juan Pablo Espinosa, Ivan Lopez and Natalia Duran as leading actors, and tells the story of two brothers who face each other for the love of a woman, who, without being aware of it, carries a course that will not let her be with the man she loves. ‘La Traicionera’ on the other hand, has a love triangle formed by actors Victor Mallarino, Juan Manuel Mendoza and Marianella Gonzalez, and it relates the life of a woman who says she does not believe in love, but despite being in love with a young man, she ends up marrying his father, an event that unleashes a series of family confrontations. Besides Angola and Mozambique, ‘Secretos Del Paraiso” and ‘La Traicionera’, have aired with huge success in countries such as Venezuela, Nicaragua, Peru, Paraguay, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador and Panama, among others.