Secrets of Paradise: two brothers in love with the same woman

The classical telenovela comes back to the nights of RCN TelevisionThe classical telenovela comes back to the nights of RCN Television Next Monday, November 10th at 8:00 pm, the viewers of RCN Television will get to know “Secrets of Paradise”, a production that revives the classical telenovela in which the love stories and the conflict between two brothers who fall in love with the same woman will be the starting point for a storyline filled with emotions. From Vista Productions for RCN Television, this drama stars Juan Pablo Espinoza, Natalia Duran and Ivan Lopez, three successful actors, loved by the Colombian viewers. “It is like the story of Cain and Abel. These are two brothers who have to live with the curse of falling in love with the same woman and fate unites them to confront them in a fight to death for her. It is a production filled with emotions, social differences, secrets that will be marking the fate of these three characters”, says Silvia Duran, producer of the telenovela. “Secrets of Paradise” was written by the well-known screen writer, Monica Agudelo (La Hija del Mariachi, La Costeña y el Cachaco, Amor Sincero, La Madre) and was directed by Pepe Sanchez (Las Juanas, Las Detectivas y el Victor, Pobres Rico, La Madre), Carlos Cook (Pobres Rico) and Camilo Vega. This story is charged with love, hate, intrigue, passion, infidelity, conflict, lies, appearances and all the elements that a classical telenovela should have, but applied to the present in order to captivate new television viewers. In addition to the love triangle of the central theme, in this production, other characters are keeping delicate secrets, such as children outside of marriage, family members who aren´t really part of the family, homosexuality, women´s relationships with younger men, among other issues that even today, are considered taboo and could break down what is apparently in order. “It is a well told story that revives that magical touch that productions used to have in the past, in which the love story has a very important emotional weight, with a wonderful cast”, says the Director, Pepe Sanchez. In “Secrets of Paradise”, Victoria, the main character played by Natalia Duran, has to face falling in love with two completely different brothers, but each one of them has their own big and particular attractive personality: Ivan Lopez plays Alejandro, a responsible, hard-working, successful man; the pride of his family and the Prince Charming any woman would dream of; while Juan Pablo Espinosa plays Cristobal, a rebel, sure of himself, with no schemes, noble, with a mysterious air that makes him irresistible. Natalia Duran says this telenovela “is one of those stories that the viewer wants to see because it shows a condition proper of human beings”. The production has a wonderful cast led by its three stars, by the side of Silvia de Dios, Jorge Cao, Gloria Gomez, Patricia Tamayo, Ernesto Benjumea, Maria Jose Martinez, Marcela Gallego, Carlos Torres, Martha Liliana Ruiz, Carlos Hurtado, Linda Baldrich, among others. In “Secrets of Paradise”, besides acting, Juan Pablo Espinosa and Gloria Gomez also sing some of the musical themes that are part of the telenovela´s soundtrack. This telenovela of 120 episodes will arrive at the nights of RCN Television to submerge the viewers in a world of intrigue, infidelity and secrets, which will be revealed little by little and will generate unexpected consequences.