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Betty Toons

RCN TV Channel presents Betty’s childhood, surrounded by her friends, in a new animated series that recreates school time, and the different situations that she has to face due to her ugly appearance, in a place where glamour and beauty play a relevant role. Betty Toons, A cartoon series in which characters are the same ones of the renown hit “Ugly Betty”, but their age doesn’t exceed 9 years old. Just the way it is: Betty, Armando, Nicolás, Mario, Marcela, La Peliteñida, Freddy and The ugly cartel, getting together in the classroom this time to show in a fun way the experiences that day after day children experience during school time. Episode after episode, we will be witnesses of the problems that Betty has to be accepted. We will also see how a nine-year old girl, her parents, friends, and enemies capture the attention of adult and young viewers through fun stories. This program, rated for all audiences, has scripts by Sandra Rita Paba and Mauricio Guerra; plot by Liliana Guzmán and Héctor Alejandro Moncada. The creative group explains that Betty Toons will have single episodes that will narrate what Beatriz Pinzón Solano’s and her friends’ childhoods were like. Caricatures are drawn by “Conexión Creativa” Company, and this project is under the responsibility of a group of professionals directed by Hernán Zajec and Maribel Echeverry. History based on characters of “Ugly Betty” a telenovela written by Fernando Gaitan.