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Secrets of Paradise

Victoria Marquez is a beautiful, successful and sophisticated woman. She is well known in the world of fashion for being the owner of a prestigious model agency. Victoria is about to marry Alejandro Soler, and she believes she loves him very much. Her marriage is also the consolidation of the partnership between her mother and her boyfriend, owners of the publicity agency Santana & Soler, one of the most important agencies in Latin America.

Everything is ready so that the wedding is turns out to be the event of the year, however, the destiny of the couple and of the families changes radically when, the day before the wedding, Cristobal, Alejandro’s brother, young and rebellious, meets Victoria accidentally and without knowing that she is his brother’s fiancé, and they are mutually impacted with each other. Victoria, who thought her relationship with Alejandro was perfect, for the first time experiences an irresistible attraction, but with her feet set firmly on the ground, she knows that it is not possible to let desire rule her life, so she tries to forget that sensual stranger assuming that she is never going to run into him again. The great surprise comes after the ceremony, when Alejandro introduces Cristobal, his youngest brother, to Victoria, and she finds out he is the same man that hours earlier took her breath away.

From this moment on, what they believe, what they think, and what they do, (they being Victoria, Cristobal and Alejandro), will radically affect not only their lives, but the lives of everyone that surrounds them. Victoria will find in Cristobal her true love and Alejandro will see his life shatter with the treason of his brother and his girlfriend. The two brothers, who during their teenage years were rivals for the love of their mother, will be rivals again and will test their strength, competing for Victoria’s love. The other members of the family will be dragged to this universe of passions, confusion and private and public scandals.

Without knowing, Victoria, Cristobal and Alejandro, start to relive the same story of Victoria’s parents, who in the past let Victoria’s father drown so they could live out their lust for each other. That is how a curse fell over Victoria for been the daughter of two murderers, a curse that condemns her to repeat history and be free from it only through death.