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More than a woman, María Luisa de Suárez is a selfless mother that has given up her life for her five children and Enrique, her husband and only man in her life.

When María Luisa believes that she only has to wait for her golden years, her children being wed and the birth of her grandchildren; Enrique leaves her for a very young and attractive woman. Her eldest son, as a result of his boundless ambition, gets involved with a dangerous arms trafficker. Her daughter Vicky becomes a dancer in a strip club, Juliana falls in love with the trafficker, her brother´s boss, and Francisco - with a promising future, the good son that always stood by her in the good and the bad - is wounded in a murder attempt and is about to die.

But the tragedies in the family are not the only things that overwhelm María Luisa: after being abandoned by Enrique, Andrés Bernal comes into her life. This kind and sincere man is her new boss and, contrary to the expectations of the hotel employees, he is not there to ruin their lives but to offer them solutions and to improve their work environment.

Andrés sees in María Luisa a dedicated employee and an admirable mother. He finds the woman she has been hiding in her heart behind her beliefs and obligations. With him, she will feel that she is still alive, that love is a realistic possibility and that, to make the rest of the world feel content, she must learn to be happy, and to love and respect herself.