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Who killed Patricia Soler?

17 years ago a group of friends, partners within a jewelry emporium, take a business trip to New York City. Sebastián Sinisterra who is married to Sara Fernandez is the president who runs this emporium. One night, Sara after looking for her colleague and friend Patricia Soler, finds her shot dead in her hotel room. While all the evidence points towards her; Sara is held responsible for her friend´s murder. Brought to trial, where one of Sebastian‘s partners, Samuel, who is in love with Sara, out of spite testifies against her; Sara is found guilty. Sara is sentenced to life imprisonment.

In prison, Sara is transformed into a tough woman. She spends her time making beautiful pieces of silver jewelry. Sara shares this talent with her cellmate, who in turns gains her trust and Sara shares with her the story of her life. Due to her sentence, Sara lost custody of her two young children, Lucia and Camilo. She is left to suffer by the divorce, the cold, cruel and complete abandonment of her husband Sebastian. Sara´s only thoughts and her sole motivation is to gain her freedom and recover her children; and then to achieve justice by finding Patricia´s real killer.

Meanwhile, Sebastian and the remaining partners continue with their lives. Joaquin and Florencia have achieved a high economic status; due to their bad investments, the same cannot be said about Ricardo and Daniela. In order to get back a little of all they’ve lost; Ricardo and Daniel try to marry their niece with Sebastian. Samuel is never sorry for lying in court against Sara. Alba and Carmen, Sebastian aunts hold their shares in the company and have full control of Sebastian’s house. Camilo and Lucia, Sara’s and Sebastian’s children, together with Diego (Patricia’s son) and Rodrigo (Sebastian’s youngest son), have through time joined into the management of the jewelry emporium.

After a pardon achieved by Sara´s lawyer she finally achieves her longed for freedom and returns to her country in order to regain her dignity and to bring justice Patricia’s death. As the story unfolds possible suspects are discarded one by one until only three of people who were on that New York trip are left as the possible killers. Finally Sara discovers who killed Patricia and in a confrontation with the killer she is about to be killed, but Sebastian saves her and hands to the authorities Patricia’s real killer.

At the end of this story there is forgiveness and acceptance. In Sara and Sebastian love is reborn; their children love and accept the mother they thought lost, everyone is thankful because love prevailed despite the time and the circumstances.