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Mariela Siachoque is a beautiful, young 30 year old single mother that lives with her child and the rest of her family (father and two twin brothers) in a typical middle class neighborhood of Bogota.

Gonzalo is the perfect representation of the high class. He is 33 years old, millionaire, and has no problem in sight. He’s constantly partying, playing, and hanging out with women, and cares little to what happens to the company of which he’s president because of inheritance.

Mariela and Gonzalo don’t know each other and apparently have nothing in common. Their worlds are different, their social classes don’t mix and their personalities have very little to do with the other. However, destiny will be in charge of crossing them unexpectedly.

A victim of his cousin Alejandro’s trap, who would like to have the position as President that he holds, Gonzalo is accused of using the company’s money to launder assets and to manage illegal money into his bank account. Gonzalo is not only searched for by the police, but from one day to the other, his bank accounts are closed, his assets are seized, and if he doesn’t show up, he will be considered an outlaw.

Desperate and without knowing who to go to, Gonzalo decides to listen to his grandmother Esther, who tells him that they own some lands outside of the city that his grandfather once bought.

With the purpose of selling them and making some money in cash, Gonzalo begins the crusade of recovering them by facing the Siachoque’s, the family that lives there and assures him that they own the place that they once bought from his grandfather.

Since there is no proof of such thing or the other, the Rico’s have no other option that to go and live with the Siachoque’s, since it’s the only home that these have, asides from a Tejo club that sometimes plays as a restaurant and event room.

The encounter between these two worlds is comical among other things. First of all, because the Rico’s don’t understand how the Siachoque’s live. From each having their private bedroom and bath, the Rico’s now have to sleep together in bunk beds and share one bathroom among more than 10 people that live in the house. Secondly, because they have never worked in their life and now they are going to have to survive somehow, learning the activities that the Siachoque’s develop, which are, for them, one more humiliating than the other. Third, Gonzalo is nonetheless Alejandro’s cousin, the man that ruined Mariela’s life.

Despite these setbacks, from the impossible of the living situation to the crazy outcomes between the rich and the poor, the love between Mariela and Gonzalo ignites with a force that none of them are able to stop and that force makes everything that seems to be irreconcilable in time starts to have a reason.

From hating each other deeply, the Siachoque’s and the Rico’s begin to take part of the same side with one common objective: helping Gonzalo recover all that he lost in exchange for the club and the house to be left to the Siachoque’s. Everything seems to go as planned until Alejandro uses all his weapons to destroy Mariela, claiming paternity over her child, of whom he wants to take care of no matter what.

Mariela is forced to run away with Gonzalo’s help, who after facing his cousin, finally learns the lesson.

The Rico’s are joined to the Siachoque’s and their lives are intertwined forever. They will understand that it is not money that produces happiness, but love, solidarity, and union. There is no need to be attached to material things or to luxuries, but to enjoy life with all its good and bad. After all, being Rich is not about having the most, but about needing the least.