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The Olympus Cultural High School will be the scenario on which students of different ages and from different social status will face... the expectations of coming back to classes for their last year of high school. But all of them, with no exception, will also have two issues in common: love and sexuality.

Among the students, Mariana Cadavid, a 17 year old girl, stands out. She was chosen as one of the best students of the country, but her life will be disrupted when she meets William, a 20 year old young man, who comes from a rural area and is about to start his school year at the Olympus High School. Mariana and William will find themselves involved in a love affair that will come with its consequences.

But William is not the only one new kid in school. After being kicked out from one of the most recognized high schools in town, Andrea Turbay, an 18 year old girl, ends up in this place as well. This young lady will not only have to face the fact that she´s the “rich girl”, but also she can´t stand the idea of her mother getting married again and the eventual departure of her boyfriend to live in another country. Bryan Pinto, is in a similar situation, he is a 16 year old kid who comes from a low income family, son of Dora Pinto, one of the oldest and most loved cooks of the school. Bryan is on a scholarship because he´s a great soccer player and thanks to Don Genaro´s help, the school´s principal; who is doing as much as possible to achieve the international accreditation of his high school.

Both William and Bryan ignore what´s about to happen to them, because the Olympus high school is governed by a terror regime imposed by Leticia Amaya, a 17 year old girl who comes from a dysfunctional family and who believes that drug abuse will help her to run away from reality. Leticia, together with her inseparable friend, Fabio, a 16 year old boy, organizes the most cruel plans to bully everybody else.

But not only students will be part of the Olympus High school; some teachers such as Carolina Medina, a 39 year old woman, and a Biology teacher for 10th and 11th grade, will also take part of the story. She´s interested in the different conflicts the students have to face, she approaches them and solves their doubts; which will take her to confront the conservative ideas on sexual education of Magdalena, the school´s therapist, a bitter woman.

In this land of boiling hormones, the young students will face pregnancy at an early age: as it is Andrea´s case, who will think that her pregnancy is the exit to all of her problems, or Leticia´s case, whose pregnancy is the product of a rape for revenge.

Likewise, Mariana and William, not having enough money to start on an effective birth control method and because of his allergy to latex, will use a natural birth control method that fails; as a result Mariana gets pregnant. On the other hand, Bryan can´t resist to Adela´s harassment and ends up giving up to her charms, a weakness that will bring her pregnancy as a consequence.

With this panorama, things get more complicated at the Olympus High school and they will all have to face their families, classmates and teachers and they will see how pregnancy will change not only their bodies, but also their lifestyles. They will all have to admit that, although they weren´t prepared, at their ages, they can be mothers as well.