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the light of my eyes

Soledad Burgos was born in the midst of adversity. The worst part was losing her sight at an early age. Accidentally, her disability provokes her older brother's death and the undaunted hate from a mother that keeps a secret. Life deprived Soledad from one of the most important senses, but in return it gave her a gift: she sings with the perfection that only the best singers in the world can achieve. But her gift is brutally restrained, hidden and emphatically denied by Delfina, her bitter and ambitious mother who does not forgive her for the death of her real son.

Soledad grows up and becomes a beautiful woman who has everyone's recognition as a true artist in spite of Delfina's constant and brutal negative approaches. Vicente's love and recognition, will try to redeem Soledad. 

Vicente comes from a very wealthy family and on his own he has built a generous personal fortune, he has bought land and cattle with it. But the young man's passion is a small radio station that his aunt created, the beautiful and rebel Faride Chadid, who Vicente loves and supports without limits. But Vicente's fortune unfortunately attracts  a part of his family that's penniless. The young man falls into a trap: Amira Rebeca, Vincent's first cousin, under her mother's influence, seduces Vicente and leads the plan to ambush  Vicente and change his life forever. 

This accidental fling that took place after a wild night out, is Amira Rebeca's family weapon to force Vicente into marrying her. A family war starts here. Injustice activates fait's force and, on the contrary of what could been foreseen, all that pressure takes Vicente into Soledad's arms and to the experience of real true love. But that love takes place in the midst of adversity for both of them: Vincent had just suffered a harsh accident and Soledad has been distanced from her people and her town because of a singing contest in which the girl participated in spite of everybody's recommendations.

Nothing can avoid the immediate spark between Soledad and Vicente. Sometime later, Delfina finds out that her daughter is pregnant and,  to avoid a scene, she looks her up in a  convent  where single mothers are taken in so they can give their children up for adoption. Delfina agrees to give away Soledad's baby. Without anyone knowing, Soledad's beautiful baby girl is sold to Amira Rebeca. Obviously, Amira,  does not know that the baby girl is Soledad's new born baby. The beautiful blind singer is lied to and given a dead baby, another girl's baby from the same convent, assuring her that  it her own baby. Vicente and Soledad, bury whom they believe is their child, but they are not able to bury their impossible love, now with Vicente's and Amira's wedding on the way and the birth of his alleged daughter. Soledad returns back to her town with the goal of becoming a well known singer. She has her best friends support and the best musicians in the entire region. With a close look up on the radio station's behalf and consequently by Vicente, Soledad starts to triumph every place she visits. She records an album that increases her fame, because she is the first singer and composer of "porro"- folks music -. In this arduous path of her professional career, Soledad sees Vicente several times, who she rejects in spite of her endless love for him. In order to distance herself from him definitely, Soledad accepts her manager and biggest fan's proposal in marriage, dr. Zarur, who also has his own luggage about a secret  abandoned love from when Soledad came into his life. Amira Rebeca has not been able to conquer Vicente's heart. Nor love her daughter either. But she has a guardian angel that shares her secret and unsuccessfully struggles so the girl reveals her true identity, so then life would follow the path it should of have: Doctor Marquez, the only one that knows that she never carried Vicente's child. Marquez secretly loves Amira and thinks that she's a victim of her mother's ambitions and cruelty, who made her make up the fake pregnancy. In spite of Delfina's and Memo's attempts to avoid it, as time passed by , the truth comes out. Amira's daughter is really Soledad's. Finally everything's out in the light and justice is made. Soledad gets her daughter back and her only love as well. The wicked are never forgiven and social and divine justice catch up to them.