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It is the story of Helena and her group of close friends: Ana, Candelaria, Irene and Francisca, five women close to their forties they have very different life experiences, but in common the search for themselves and happiness. They are calling themselves the "Blessed ones” because they all have names of saints or martyrs, knowing that all saints were destined to behave well, although some of them behaved different.

Helena became a single mother when she was twenty years old: she has a son called Joaquin, who is the reason of her existence, the motivation for her professional development and the core of all her affections. When she finally feels she has done everything for him and after believing she was going to be an old maid, she is willing to get in love with Carlos who dies on their wedding night, leaving her completely devastated.

Harriet, the first wife of Carlos, accuses Helena of killing him and wants to take away everything Carlos left of his great love: the house where Helena lived with Carlos. When Helena is willing to give up fighting against Enriqueta, all her friends "the blessed ones" convince her to fight for what belongs to her and help her to fight against Enriqueta. Thinking that with her modest resources she could not fight against Enriqueta, Helena decides to turn her home in a spa. Her friends, assiduous clients of such places, leave their lives in order to work in the business of her friend. Candelaria, forgets the search for her prince charming, a disappointment caused by her divorce with her husband Juan. She became the decorator of the spa. Irene, the demanding one is in charge of the public relations. She finds love in a man of a social class different from hers. Ana leaves for a moment her three cell phones and her laptop to take charge of all administrative and sales matters. Joaquin, the son of Helena, becomes her assistant and eventually they begin a romantic relationship. Francisca, the youngest of them in her obsessive quest to find a husband, engages in the design of the website and cultivate the hope that a handsome and foreign gentleman will fall in love of her one day. In the spa Carmen will begin to work, the great love of Dario, the oldest son of Enriqueta. She is a beautiful, young and humble woman, who will face a hostile world to advance her project of life that is simply to give a decent future to her seven year old son, Andres. In the middle of the demanding work at the spa, the "The blessed ones" will witness the relationship of HelenA and Federico, a past friend of Carlos, who returns to the country after twenty years of living abroad, and who gradually will conquer her heart. But also each of them will face both internal conflicts and the opposition of all those who want to pursuit their personal happiness.