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Edilberto “Beto” Reyes a driver from the Central Market, he will meet Mercedes Rubio by chance, a millionaire owner of one of the most important holdings in the country. This encounter will transform the lives of Beto Reyes and his family.

Mrs. Rubio is diagnosed with an alleged terminal disease, and she decides to go live in Europe with the hope of finding a solution for her ailment. Mercedes, a lonely woman without any relatives or heirs, discovers that, when the rumor of her disease spreads, those who surround her, instead of feeling sad, are happy and see her death as their salvation. Mainly, Emilio Iriarte, her right hand and person of trust.

Desperate and submerged in deep anguish, she decides to commit suicide. When she is about to throw herself of a lookout on the way to Calera, Beto Reyes, who was there with some friends, avoids the tragedy from happening while providing her with a moment of protection and affection.

Beto Reyes invites Mercedes to have dinner at his house, in his truck full of fruits and vegetables. All the members of the Reyes family, who are unaware that she is such an important person and extremely rich, offer Mercedes a lot of love.

The appearance of this man in Mercedes´ life makes her chose him as the person he will use to teach a lesson to Iriarte. Reason why, Mercedes designates Beto Reyes as president of the holding, leaving him in front of her businesses and her house.

Los Reyes will abandon their rudimentary house in a modest neighborhood, La Fraguita, in the location of Antonio Nariño in the south of the city to install themselves, with their habits and customs, in Mercedes Rubio´s mansion, which is in an exclusive neighborhood of the city, limits the Iriarte´s house, generating multiple conflict between both families.

The cross of different characters with different shades will be very rich and will ease the possibility to create comic and romantic situations in this fiction telenovela with a daily format. “Los Reyes” will let us spy into the lives of two different families in diverse socio economic and cultural circumstances in a specific moment and who are competing for a same objective.


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