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Heart's Decree

The criminal cases and family law cases presented in the series are based in real life stories and move forward simultaneously to the main love story between Julia Escallon and Pablo Dominguez, two lawyers, experts in family law, who chance brings together when he has just signed his divorce papers and she is about to get married.

Pablo Dominguez is one of the partners at the firm Cabal-Ortega-Dominguez and partners, within the firm he has respect and admiration from his colleagues, however, he is suffering the consequences of a divorce and facing the possibility of not seeing his stepchildren, whom he loves as if they were his own children. On her part, Julia Escallon, a young lawyer, is joyous because she is going to marry Camilo Borrero, the man she is completely in love with. However, everything radically changes for Julia when already at the altar and seconds away from saying “I do” sees her boyfriend being arrested, and convicted of murdering the stripper from his bachelor party.

Julia and Pablo, lawyers of two clients arguing for the custody of their son, meet again the courtroom and relationship starts between a man and a woman who have lost their faith in love, but with the possible limitation of the release from prison of Camilo, Julia´s boyfriend, when his innocence is proven.

In a parallel manner to this central story, the romantic and interpersonal conflicts of the other lawyers in the firm move forward, like those of the charming womanizer Nicolas Ortega, the brilliant Alfredo Duperly, the righteous Marcos Tibata, the romantic Catalina Mejia, the feminist Maria del Pilar Garces, the jealous Rosa Ferro, the witty Ivan Estefan, the wise Hernando, the funny Elias Rodriguez and other characters, who paradoxically search for love in an environment of separations and hate, precisely in a place where it usually ends.