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Fist Fight

After five years behind bars, convicted for the death of a young man in a clandestine brawl, Manuel “The Lion” is now out of jail and has the strong purpose of rebuilding his life and making sure that his youngest brother, Vicentico, doesn’t end up like him. However, when he returns to his neighborhood he finds out his brother is already involved in that lifestyle and is about to become the right hand of “Viking”, the exploiter that had recruited him long before.

Manuel, eager to get Vicentico on the right track, is unable to control the unfolding situations and only generates confrontation and anguish in those that surround him. Luckily he meets Silvia Pizarro, a student of Psychology of a prestigious university, who against her will and along with her friend Luisa has been sent to carry out her internship at the school Vicentico attends. Without realizing it, Silvia becomes the possibility of uniting efforts in a common task: Drive the boys away from violence, take them off the streets and help them find a better future.

Although their first encounter leads Silvia into believing that Manuel is a dangerous guy and that he is responsible for young men getting involved in underground quarrels, she eventually realizes she was wrong and that they share the same goal.

For Silvia, this is the beginning of a long path that will make her find her true calling, changes that will make her defy her family, her boyfriend Juan Antonio, and Manuel’s unstable character fueled by the rejection he feels from his neighbors for being an ex con.

Against all odds, Manuel and Silvia set up a gym called “Fist Fight” in an abandoned house. “Fist Fight” guides youngsters to practice legal boxing and at the same time becomes the meeting place where they can share all their problems and concerns. Here we will meet Angela, “The Baby”, Tania, Ana Lucía and “The Cricket”, among others. This place serves as the perfect setting for the renewal of Manuel’s hope for a better life and for Silvia to change radically, for she will have to accept she has fallen in love with Manuel as much as she has for their life changing project.

To maintain the “Fist Fight” gym running, Manuel and Silvia will undergo great difficulties while at the same time striving to make new boxing champs and trying to make “Fist Fight” accepted as the place where teens who have committed wrongful acts against justice can pay their punishment within.

In a realistic tone, with a mix of drama and humor, this series presents the daily life of a working class neighborhood, showing the problems and the everyday life of contemporary teens, with the purpose of becoming an entertaining family space where the viewer can be reflected universally.