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Fishing for Dreams

Chepe Fortuna, a local fisherman and the social leader of El Tiburón, dreams of becoming the mayor of his neighborhood and take his people out of poverty and give them a better future. Niña Cabrales, a young lady born into one of the most outstanding families in the coast has returned from Spain with the dream of carrying out several ecological projects, especially to help fishermen in El Tiburón.

Chepe and Niña have never met. Yet, they constantly dream of each other. Besides, Chepe was born with the gift of interpreting dreams, although he has never been able to interpret his own. Very soon, however, he will learn that the dream he had in which he helped a mermaid with Niña Cabrales face is a clear sign in his life that will take him close to power and to the girl of his dreams.

Aníbal Conrado,-Niña´s is fiancée, is running for the city hall and launching his political campaign at the maritime club. He has plans to marry Niña once she is back from Barcelona. But Chepe Fortuna is irruption in his life will ruin his projects: to marry Niña and keep the money she has inherited from her deceased father.

Chepe leads the people from El Tiburón into a demonstration; they break into the maritime club during a press conference with the idea of returning to the politicians the gas pipes they left scattered around the neighborhood some years ago when they promised to set up a new aqueduct and a sewer system they was never built although they are charging exorbitant amounts for water facilities the locals do not have.

Aníbal and Chepe have a serious verbal confrontation in front of all the journalists. On leaving the club, after making a fool of Anibal, Chepe sees the woman of his dreams get out of a luxurious car. She is Niña Cabrales who is on her way to meet with Anibal. Niña and Chepe catch sight of each other at the club is door and realize that the mermaid and the fisherman they have seen in their dreams are not just a figment of their imagination. But, will they ever meet again? Certainly, they will and not precisely in their dreams.

Part of Aníbal Conrado is political campaign is based on the enhancement of the navy company owned by the Cabrales in partnership with his own family. As this company is located in El Tiburón, Chepe and his people come up with an idea to hinder Anibal plans. This is how the Shark Operation is set in motion. Their main objective is to spread terror during a very important festivity carried out every year in the coastal Caribbean towns. By wearing sharks fins and tanks of oxygen, they try to make townspeople believe that the part of the port included in the project is full of sharks and that the construction of new premises would imply a huge ecological assassination. In fact, the real aim of the operation is to attract the public opinion and mainly the support of environmental groups throughout the country.

However, contrary to Chepe is expectations, the plan does not prove successful. During the festivity, Anibal Corrado faces the faked sharks and shoots his harpoon, deadly wounding Chepe in front of Niña Cabrales and her cousin Carolina, recently crowned Caribbean Queen. Niña and Chepe meet once again but this time she is the one that will save his life. She will also become his protector in hundreds of different ways. The close connection between Chepe and Niña will give rise to an impossible love story, framed within political confrontations, popular dreams, economic interests and unexpected situations, finally reuniting the rich Cabrales with the poor fishermen of El Tiburón.

A love story spiced with Caribbean traditions, touches of humor and a good deal of romanticism. Let the sound of the accordions take you around the world of navy companies and dreams. Let the amusing characters of this town remind you of the magic realism that lies in our minds