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Giving tribute to the mythical king named Midas Clemente, the owner of an important lottery company in the country, has decides to change the life of three mere mortals to fulfill his dying wife´s last wish and hand over all of his money to the poor for them to get eternal rest.

1. Gladys Moreno, a woman born in Barranquilla, who works as a beautician, a kind hearted woman, the mother of two kids, married to a bastard that cheats on her with a younger woman. She will be one of the lucky people that thanks to Midas will become a millionaire. Accompanied by her transvestite brother Nahomi will arrive to Bogota to become a business woman in the cosmetics world, a place where she will find a second chance at love in the hands of a fraud called Diego Casanova.

2. Domingo Perez, a humble shoe shiner never imagines that a lottery ticket that Midas Sanclemente gives to him in the National Square the “plaza de Bolivar”, where Domingo works to sustain his family, might actually make him rich, truly rich. But he never thought that aided by his own wife, Reynaldo (his twin brother) separates him from the possibility of being a millionaire. Challenged by this treason, Domingo swears that he is capable of creating an organization for special children where he can raise his autistic daughter and give his family a better future. On the path to his goal he will meet a psychologist with whom he will have another chance at love. He will also encounter a corrupt politician who will involve Domingo in a web of power that will lead him to win a seat in Congress.

3. The last one is Leonelo, a taxi cab driver with the worst luck in the world, drowning in debts and lawsuits from two of his former lovers. Leonelo never imagined when he picked up an old man in the airport, a man named Goyo, he would leave in his taxicab a ticket to fortune. Goyo is an old friend of Midas who knowing the precarious situation in which he lives, decides to give him a winning lottery ticket without imagining that such surprise will cause Goyo´s death in the taxicab of Leonelo. Leonelo decides that he is going to keep the lottery ticket that might change his luck, but when he sees Sofia, (the beautiful lawyer and granddaughter of Goyo) and her family claiming the death body of his grandfather, he feels guilty for taking from her the possibility of organizing her financial future and decides to help her out, having his best friend as an accomplice, Leonelo pretends to be an important business man that will steal Sofia´s heart. The Lucky day, for everyone.

Three stories narrated with humor and everyday language, where the universal dream of every human being is addressed: winning the lottery and fixing all problems with money. Three stories that will serve as a metaphor on how money has the power to transform our life values, for better or for worse; and how love, health and family are treasures in life that are worth more than all the gold in the world.