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Doña Bella

Bella is a beautiful woman who lives in a small town which economy revolves around the banana growth and its commerce. Her greatest love is Antonio Segovia, a man born into a wealthy and conservative family. One day she´s kidnapped by Roman Montero, a powerful businessman who takes her to a mansion where she is forced to stay as his concubine. Bella desperately wishes to be rescued but nobody actually believes Román has kidnapped her, let alone her fiancé. Antonio is so deeply hurt that he is absolutely convinced that she has eloped with him out of interest. Yet, as if fate had not been cruel enough with Bella, she is given another blow: her grandfather dies and she is left all alone in the world.

Deserted and humiliated, she decides to give herself over to Román. However, she loses her virginity with another man in an attempt not to give him that satisfaction. Later, she takes revenge on him and starts satisfying the urges of every man in return for gold and jewels. In this way, Bella becomes a millionaire. One day, Román has to leave town for work reasons so Bella decides to go back to Agua Hermosa in the hope of meeting with Antonio, her old love.

On the other hand, Antonio who has been under strong family and social pressure has not forgiven her. What´s more, he has married another woman. Feeling rejected and devastated, Bella plans her revenge: she settles down in this conservative town and sets up a brothel where she is the only prostitute. She begins to sell her body to every rich man in town just to torture the man who despised her with jealousy: "Any man will have her, but not he."

Yet, Bella and Antonio´s love is too strong to be so easily forgotten; eventually, they become lovers, even though he is married to Evangelina with whom he has had several children. This new situation will trigger hate and rejection among the town dwellers. But Bella does not seem to care; she will even have a daughter with Antonio. The strained situation between both lovers will mark their own lives as well as the lives of all the inhabitants for many years, especially Andrés Mendoza, who becomes the third conflicting party. He will also have a daughter with Bella.

Such a bad start for a story implies a similar end; weighed down by Antonio´s constant and sickening jealousy fits, Bella decides to hire somebody to kill him….However, in the long run she will regret her decision and will try to prevent it at all costs. But it will be too late.