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When he was only 10 years old, Diomedes shares with his father, Rafael Maria, the responsibility of supporting his family. He was born in “la Junta”, Guajira, and among all those brothers and not a lot of money he realizes that it is not going to be easy to succeed. Diomedes´ life changes when he finds love in the hands of Melida and here is where the story of a passionate and romantic Diomedes starts being written, he will be like this the rest of his life. His first romantic disappointment also comes with her and thanks to this he discovers his ability to write great verses, which will accompany him forever.

Years go by and in the middle of the struggling to get welfare for his family, Diomedes starts dreaming about being a Vallenato singer. With the help of his uncle, Martin, he starts working as a singer in the town´s cockpit and by the same time he also meets the love of his life, Lucia Arjona. The couple falls deeply in love and lives a bad romance until Diomedes finally turns her into his wife and starts to build a successful and famous career. However, in that world Diomedes finds out alcohol, drugs and great weakness for women. Therefore his marriage is over and a second great love comes to his life, Betsy Liliana. She is a woman that warns him that if he misbehave with her she will do the same.

However, different women still appearing in to his life and Diomedes meets Consuelo Martinez and Claudia Viviana, two women who are his fans but who quickly turn into his lovers. One night in his apartment in Bogota, in a crazy party, the biggest misfortune for Diomedes happens, Claudia´s death. Diomedes is accused of manslaughter and is convicted. He and Consuelo spend several years in prison.

When Diomedes finally leave behind his dark criminal record, he separates from Betsy Liliana and overcome an illness that almost killed him. His career resurfaces again and he wins a “Latin Grammy”, Diomedes feels at the peak of his career.

Consuelo, who was with him throughout his success and misfortune becomes his wife and they start living a beautiful romance. However, drugs and alcohol never leave him so he suffers several health issues and eventually dies. He was unable to keep his promise to marry Consuelo.

His fans also suffer the news of his death and in the biggest, popular and crowded funeral in “Valledupar” they say goodbye and let the memory of “El Cacique de la Junta” forever alive.