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Rafael Contreras is an amateur boxer who must run away from his home town in Antioquia, after refusing to lose a fight and knocking out his rival at the last moment. After escaping to Bogota, he looks for his older brother Lucho, to help him find a job and be able to send money to his wife, Liliana, who stayed back in town with their two small children, in a dangerous situation. But in the capital city, Rafael discovers that Lucho´s life is not the life of a simple mechanic, like he thought: he´s a womanizer and a drunk who works in the black market of cars. The relationship between the two brothers is tested when Rafael meets Helena, Lucho´s girlfriend, a beautiful and charismatic community leader. From that moment on, everything changes. For him, because he can´t get her out of his mind; for Liliana, his wife who he has always adored; and for Lucho, his older brother

. In the middle of all this, Rafael will have the chance to go back to boxing with the help of a prestigious merchant, Sarmiento, who handles perfectly well the world of betting and discovers that Rafael´s talent as a boxer can take them both really far. Rafael is ready to take the great step of his life when Sarmiento sets an important fight for him. But a story of forbidden love is going to reveal a very different world from what he ever imagined and he must face it with much more sophisticated tools than just his fists.