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Conniving Renata

Everything begins a little over twenty years ago, when Maria Herrera, a young woman with limited resources, falls deeply in love with Eduardo Sanint, a man with a good economic position, married, and a heir to a real estate business. A deep and intense love grows between Maria and Eduardo, but that feeling is not enough for him to decide to abandon his family and stay with her. Marias heart doesnt resist this frustration: the small Renata, Marias daughter from a previous partner, will have to go through the horror of finding her lifeless at home.

Two decades later, the same Renata Medina, who became a strong, sensual, beautiful woman, decides to end so many years of suffering and maternal absence she will claim justice using her beauty and wit as her weapons. With a little of both, she begins to work for Eduardo, the man that brought so much pain to her mother. And, from there on, she will advance in a vendetta to get revenge.

Renata was educated by Gracia, her grandmother, within hate and resentment. Both were convinced that Eduardo abandoned Maria knowing that she was expecting his child. This supposed abandonment does nothing but make Renatas hate towards Eduardo grow. But the young woman doesnt consider an obstacle that can ruin her plan on her first day at Sanint Constructors she will meet Esteban, the love of her life, nonetheless Eduardos child, the man she hates so much.

Renata, from the beginning, will try to keep distance from Esteban because his presence marks the end of her vendetta, especially because he also falls in love with her from the first instance. And Renata promised the Virgin in front of her mothers grave that she would carry out her vengeance, which gives it almost a sacred character to her. However, little by little she will give in to that feeling that, throughout the story, will make her choose between love and hate. The great mystery will be, then, to figure out which of the two feelings will define Renatas destiny. But this wont be the only problem that she has to deal with. The path of hate will lead her from complication to complication, and will show her that killing is not that difficult, that it is actually, the simplest choice.

From there, the plot will turn darker, with suspense, and sometimes police moments. Sometimes she will have no other option than to eliminate those who represent a threat to her plans. Other times she will opt to come out gracefully, with less violent tricks, but likewise heartless. And everything will be in the name of the promise made.