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Daisy is a common girl who goes to school, wants to have fun, enjoys dancing, who dreams about pursuing a singing career and spend her life next to Max, her sweetheart; however, there´s something about Daysi that is not very common: her parents are vampires.

Nonetheless, Daisy learns how to accept this situation with humor and optimism, but when she´s about to turn sixteen, a terrible accident occurs and her parents are faced with a hard decision to make: let her die or save her. They chose the second option and they bite Daisy, who curses her luck as soon as she wakes up since she never wanted to be a vampire. But there´s nothing she can do now to turn things back: she is now a vampire girl.

The relationship she has with Max will be more complicated now: what would happen if he knew she´s a vampire? What would happen if her vampire fangs came out and she wants to bite him? Her life is now divided in two : the one she has in the mortal world and the other one she enjoys in the vampire world. Day after day, Daisy must learn to live her love with Max as if she was a common girl and not Daisy, the Vampire girl.