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Cavorting of the Shadows

Irene Buenaventura is about to find out that she has a special sense to see and to communicate with an alternative, supernatural reality, filled with lost souls. The last time Irene had felt such intense coldness, that shaking of her legs and sweating in her hands when being in confined, solitary spaces, had been at the Gran Hotel, where her aunt Otilia works. She perceives a strange energy from this old building. Irene is not wrong: in one of its walls, the corpse of Don Américo Esquivel is decomposing; he was the owner of the Gran Hotel and was murdered by his own niece and her collaborators, all of them driven by their greed. The murderers could not accept the impossibility of having access to the “guaca”, the buried treasure that, according to rumors, the old man had hidden for a long time somewhere in the hotel and that was the reason for assassinating him. Before passing out, just about to die, Americo cursed them with the worst misfortunes if they attempt to misappropriate the guaca that he was entitled to. Don Américo assured that all those who dared to get close to his treasure will end up paying with their own life. Nevertheless, Julieta and her group underestimated entirely the words of the old man and carried on with their plan to pursue the search for this guaca, making everyone think that Americo had run far away following a woman and not willing to face the imminent bankruptcy of the hotel. However, Americo’s threat hits its first victim.

Enrique, the hotel’s security chief, is found dead in the midst of the most mysterious conditions, with a terror look in his face, as if he had seen a ghost before dying. This first warning as to the seriousness of Americo’s threat starts to scare some of the conspirators, but Julieta doesn’t want to stop, she will not rest until finding the money hidden by her uncle, even is she has to knock down the entire hotel. The news about Americo’s disappearance tortures the hotel staff, particularly Otilia, the old elevator operator. She cannot believe that Americo has fled, especially after learning that she was willing to accept their love publicly and that they had a daughter. Otilia has a terrible feeling regarding the destiny of Don Américo. She decides to leave her job as elevator operator and asks Irene to replace her, so that she can try to find out exactly what happened with him and to call for justice in his memory. Without knowing it, Irene is close to finding out the details of the death of her own father by means of her paranormal sensitivity. Our main character will not be the only person working for the hotel these days.

There will also be a unique visitor: Miguel Toro, a civil engineer who for years has worked as expert in finding the most well hidden buried treasures in the world. Toro is passionate for what he does. In fact, the search of a chest filled with pearls, and an irreversible fight with Gabriel, his father, made him go away from the women with whom he was about to get married: Julieta Falquéz. Although Julieta has not forgiven Miguel for having jilted her and for such humiliation, she pretends to be free of resentment for Miguel to come back after five years and for him to accept searching for the guaca. Julieta obviously does not warn him about the curse that could affect all those getting close to the treasure, and much less accepts that her greatest wish is to take revenge on him for the past humiliation. Being naive about this, Miguel accepts the job, as he is sure that with his percentage he will be able to somehow mitigate the problems of INTORO, the company left by his recently deceased father. However, time goes by and finding the treasure seems impossible, so when Miguel finds out that Américo and Otilia had had a relationship, he thinks that by coming closer to Irene he could obtain some clues associated with the guaca from the inscrutable Otilia. For Miguel to approach Irene does not seem so difficult, since each time that she sees Miguel her heart start beating powerfully. Nevertheless someday, Irene`s tenderness and coolness will captivate him and Miguel will fall in love with her.

The romance progresses, but Miguel does not obtain information about the guaca, nor does Irene find the way to communicate with Américo. The truth is that the ghost hanging around the hotel, filled with hate, does not seem interested in calling for justice concerning his death, but rather on putting on the curse against his murderers, thus attacking a second victim: Marco Arrieta, the concierge. Consequently, the investigation that was carried out by the police at the hotel in relation with the death of Américo is reinitiated until finally finding Americo’s corpse. However, this evidence is not a coincidence; it has been strategically planned by Julieta and her accomplices, to incriminate Otilia as guilty in a crime of passion. Otilia is in jail. Americo wants to reveal the truth of his death but he must learn to communicate with those who are alive. Irene must weaken her gift while replacing her aunt in the task of keeping Horacio alive; he is the cousin who suffers autism and cardiac problems. Miguel, regretful for having used Irene, taking advantage of other supernatural methods to find the guaca, ending up exposed to the possession by the strengthened spirit for the evil of Marco Arrieta.

The only one capable or fixing this chaos is Irene, but she will have to make the death reconcile with those alive, so that at the end all of them can rest in peace.