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For Francisco Lopez, Monday is his lucky day. He was born on a Monday, he lost his virginity on a Monday, got married on a Monday, had his first daughter on a Monday, joined the bank where he has worked for ten years on a Mondaya and that Monday they were going to name him Regional Manager of the company. But that day, things changed, and he is not promoted, but unjustly fired by Roberto Montoya, who works for the same bank and is the boss of Francisco´s wife at another branch, getting the management position that Francisco dreamed of.

10 years of loyalty working in the bank and not even a thank you. But this doesn’t worry him because he is one of those Colombians that were born to conquer the world, so he leaves decided to take care of his household, because his wife won’t allow him to do nothing. Francisco turns into the new househusband of the “Los Faroles” Residential Unit. His new and important obligations are cleaning the apartment, doing laundry, ironing without burning, cooking, looking after his children, and walking the dog. As do all the housewives of the residential unit, as does Bertha, his new neighbor, Roberto’s wife, the same one that fired him from the bank.

While Bertha is nice to him, Francisco can’t stand her; to him she is nothing but a housewife with no aspirations like her friends, the neighbors, the “Vigor,” as his wife Mariana calls them, because they are the old and fat women of the unit. But Bertha is far from being a housewife with no aspirations; she is determined to set up a cookie business to stop being dependant of her husband. The problem is that she knows about cookies, not about numbers, so she needs the help of a financial advisor, and since Francisco is unemployed, who better than him to help her with her business.

That is how Francisco starts to get to know Bertha and the “Vigor”, whom despite their humorous character, are women that suffer in bad marriages. Little by little they earn Francisco’s affection, which begins to solve their problems by becoming their leader, one more of the gang, the “Vigor”. Francisco doesn’t have his dreamed job, or the luxury car he always wanted, but instead he has friends that listen to him and respect him, who follow his advice to not let their husband mistreat them, who would do whatever they had to help him out if he needs money, and tell each other all the gossip and news of the day through their kitchen windows until nine at night.

And from so much working, talking, so many walks to the park with the dogs, and so many recipes, love is born between Francisco and Bertha, the two neighbors, the househusband and the neighborhood’s cookie entrepreneur; a forbidden love, mature, and platonic, they are both married, trying survive from their damaged marriages. An accomplice love that has everything against it, but because of its innocence and constant struggle against life’s adversities is able to be maintained.