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Bogotá, 2017. At the closing of a horse exhibition, Sergio Aparicio a brilliant stock broker from Bogota meets a mysterious woman: Lucia Martínez.

They are both there for different reasons, he is there to make money and she is there to speak to Monica Zapata about the real origin of the baby Monica considers her son. But what neither one of them was counting on is the deep attraction that happens between them the moment they meet.

After having a very passionate relationship, Sergio gives Lucia all of Monica Zapata's information without imagining the great deal of problems this act will bring him. Sergio will find himself being kicked out of his world accused of kidnapping a baby, Monica Zapata's son and whose father is the very questionable cattle raiser Mr. Leonardo Zapata. To locate Lucia will become now his main objective.

In a race against time he must locate this beautiful and mysterious woman, discover the whereabouts of the baby in order to save his own neck from the wrath of Leonardo Zapata; but this will not return his comfortable life in the city on the contrary it will take him to meet with the deep Colombia. A world filled with people who have had to abandon their home and land due to violence and who are haunted by the echoes of an armed conflict, a conflict in which the boundaries between the innocent and the guilty dissolve and truth is not what it seems to be.