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The Vega's

No one in this country has prayed the rosary so much, attended so many masses and used as much rosary beads as the beautiful, pious and adored Veronica de Vega. She has many reasons to pray, however, the main reason of all she will find the day this story begins: on the birthday of his adored and loyal husband CARLOS. 

After celebrating a mass at home for him, thanking God for all the good things that have happened in her life, Veronica gets some news that split her life in before and after: The first one is the death of her husband. Yes. Carlos, her adored and faithful companion dies on his birthday. As if that was not bad enough, the second blow is the one she gets during the funeral, when she discovers that her husband of 27 years, 9 months and 14 days slept with every slut who crossed his path. But that is not the worse, she finds out that the man has left her and her daughters literally penniless. With her house being repossessed and as on top of it all, with Carlitos, a son he had with another woman.

For Mariana, the eldest daughter, with her rigid character, it’s a real tragedy, and according to her numbers, in two months, eight days and 23 hours they will lose everything, unless they can find a very high paid job. For the positive and extremely optimistic Antonia, this is one of those obstacles which can be overcome by a cleansing of the aura, a Feng Shu therapy or a bath with seven herbs, and for the rebellious Camila, the youngest of the three, this is an entertaining and “maddening”” thing. However, a small light of hope opens up in the torturous road of these women when they inherit a brothel, which their late father and husband used to own.

After trying everything and having no more options, they decide to use the place to do some bachelorette parties, business that gives them enough to pay the first bank instalment moments before being evicted from their house. This leads them to think about the possibilities of “formalizing the business” and creating in the former brothel women´s strip club.

That is how Veronica, after balancing the business or leaving the family out on the streets on a scale, has no other choice but to put everything in God´s hands, and inaugurate, despite her wishes and under the condition to do everything very wholesome and far from lust and promiscuity, the women-only strip bar “LAS VEGA’S” is born. 

Will these four women, who have absolutely no knowledge of the night world get ahead with a strip bar? Could a women-only strip bar which only presents typical Colombian dances make it? And the most important thing: can these four women find happiness, personal satisfaction and love in a world where they clearly don’t belong? These and more questions will be solved in this entertaining 80-episode comedy where women, to get ahead in their business “put on their pants” while the men take them off.