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Pilar Carrasco,she is crazy about her chief Sergio Gaviria, an attractive lawyer that she works for, as the bookkeeper of his company. One night, Pilar and Sergio have an affair, but later on, Pilar finds out that he is about to get married. She takes offense and decides to keep away from him. Some weeks later, she finds out that she is pregnant, and decides to have the baby as a single mother. Adelaida is born nine months later, but she suffers from a renal problem that has her near death. Pilar´s economical situation is scarce, and does not allow her to afford the surgery that will save her daughter´s life. Forced by the situation She looks for Sergio to help her, but she unexpectedly meets his mother: Eugenia Herrera de Gaviria.
Eugenia tells her lies about the location of her son, and rejects any kind of help for her, thinking that she is an opportunist. With no solution in sight, Pilar looks for Julián González, not knowing that he is in the drug-hauling-mule business. When she knows about his activity, she is desperate for not having found the money for her daughter´s surgery, so she decides to become a drug carrier. Carmela, Pilar’s sister, is now in charge of Adelaida. Pilar makes her believe that she got a new job in Mexico. When she arrives in this city, Elisa, her fellow traveler, dies when a cocaine capsule bursts in her stomach. That is the moment when Pilar confesses that she is also a drug-hauling mule while trying to save Elisa´s life.

In jail, Pilar is visited by Julián, who threatens her to talk her out of accusing the organization. Pilar accepts it only if he promises to save Adelaida but she does not know that Carmela located Sergio, and he is going to afford the surgery. Pilar hears that her daughter has been operated while she is in jail, and believing that this fact took place because of Julian’s promise, she pleads guilty. Pilar is sentenced to an eight- year prison term.

Sergio knows that Pilar´s daughter has nobody to take care of her, and he tells the truth to Cristina Cadena, his wife. Cristina forgives him and makes a promise to adopt Adelaida as her daughter; she baptizes the baby again, by the name of Paula, but she uses her father´s influences so that Pilar does not receive any news about this event; Pilar is clueless about her daughter´s life, and feels very shocked when she hears about Carmela´s death, who tried to denounce the mafia guys. Pilar faces the dangers of being in prison, and the idea of recovering her daughter becomes an obsession for her. Feeling frustrated for neither knowing how to figure out the legal notifications nor being able to write her petitions of right, Erika Sandoval, her public defender, supports her to study law so that she can reduce her sentence.

Time passes by, and when she is about to leave prison, Pilar knows that someone heard her call for help, aimed at recovering her daughter; it is Alex Avendaño, a law student who is committed with this quest, and is waiting for her to leave prison; nevertheless, when her prison term finishes and she is deported to Colombia, their first attempts are not fruitful, but Pilar is conscious that this mission will not be easy, just like she won´t quit her efforts to help other drug carriers, an idea she got after she heard many stories about Colombian women who were cheated, not being aware of the fact that they were carrying drugs.
Pilar insists on going on with this task, and asks Alex to accompany her. Alex likes this idea, not only because he will work on penal Law issues, but also because he feels strongly attracted by Pilar; on the other hand, Alex receives a job offer fromCadena y Asociados, the company where Sergio Gaviria works, the father of Pilar´s daughter. Pilar accompanies Alex to his job interview, and while she is in the waiting room, she sees Paula, her daughter, but she will find out about it later.
As of that moment, Pilar will have to fight to recuperate her daughter, confront Sergio and the feelings that he arouses in her and at the same time, struggle to defend those drug mules, victims of the drug dealers. In the meantime, the organization where Julian works plans how to push her aside of the way. Correo de Inocentes, a series that has lots of tension, suspense, nostalgia, and is loaded with drama, which provides a humane touch surrounded by the implacable justice principles.