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storm love

In a time whithout time and in a land without law, Tita Basante, an indigenous princess would deposit from the mistrel ancestral traidition, with the force of love and the power of her heritage: Music, she confronts evil incarnated in Nuncia Pompeya, cruel and merciless smuggler who aspires to be the most powerful woman in the entire Caribbean area. Because of this desire, Nuncia obsesses over the love and lands of one "Macho Cárdenas" who despises her and falls in love with humble Tita Basante. Nuncia, in her revenge towards the only man that has ever rejected her, will steal Tita´s illusion, her love and even her life, which will end up turning Tita into "Love Storm", romantic 'vallenato' music singer who one day will come back to recover what Nuncia took away.

20 years later, "Tormenta and the Chamorros" are called to entertain a party at the Governor Poncho Lasso's house, a General that arrived at San Juan ir order to impose some order, with great pain in his soul that only "Tormenta" managed to heal with her voice. The musicians entertain the engagement party between Miranda, the General's daughter, and Arturito Ovalle, Nuncia's son. At the party, Tormenta discovers in Miranda huge pain like hers, she tells Tormenta that she doesn't love Arturito, in fact she loves Leandro, but there is nothing she can do, her marriage is arranged. Moved by the situation "Tormenta" escapes with Miranda and helps her reunite with Leandro unaware that he is her own son. Throughtout this odyssey "Tormenta" reencounters with "El Macho", and discovers that he's Leandro's father. "El Macho" does not recognize her, but starts loving her once again this time not as Tita but as "Tormenta". Poncho Lasso captures everyone, forgives the singer because she has a voice that cures his sorrows, and sentences "El Macho" and his son to death. "Tormenta", still in love with him sacrifices herself for both of them and asks Poncho to let them free in exchange she would become his wife. The General accepts.

"Tormenta" leaves with him, but as time goes by she ran away with "El Macho", Poncho discovers them, tries to make them pay for their betrayal, but ends up murdered by Nuncia and Arturito, who is now in command and sentences "Tormenta" and "El Macho"  to death for allegedly killing the General. As she is about to die "Tormenta" confesses to "El Macho" that she is Tita and that she never stopped loving him. "El Macho" finds in the truth the strenght to keep fighting against Nuncia, Arturito and a tragic destiny that does not stop striking against them day after day.