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Three girls named miracles are born the same day but in very different and distant homes, but united by a terrible fate that announces their death at the time that the three meet each other and find love.
Neither the three girls nor Fernando Rendón, the man who these three girls love, know the destiny that unites them. The girls are growing their own way, but with a common factor: the violence that accompanies their lives.
MIRACLES FONTANARROSAgrows in a wealthy but at the same time hostile environment. She is a beautiful young woman, who becomes addicted to gambling and adrenaline. Snowy, as she is affectionately called is involved in all types of competitions, from beauty pageants where she is more interested in gambling than in anything else, to illegal horse races where she, as a rider, is capable of doing more tramps and beat the best runners. With Marcelo, his companion of evil acts and Fernando Rendon they form a trio to live to the extreme.
MIRACLES RENDÓN, by contrast, she grows in a happy home with parents who gave her and her twin brother, Salvador, all their love. The day she turned 15 years old, Tommy, her father confronts her youngest brother. He is then accused by his father of bad money driving and disrespecting his house. The situation is worst due to Salvador’s addiction to drugs. This situation gives Miracles Rendon, the motivation to become the best cop in the city. Milagros now wants to prosecute the crime and, in particular to whom she blamed for causing misery of his brother life.
The third one, MILAGROS CRUZ is called 'Nikita', she was educated in the school of the streets. Next to "Pevec" who teaches her to steal and deal with life on the streets, she forms a band of criminals and becomes feared in the neighborhood. 'Nikita' proves to be the best at dancing, singing and, above all, the more accurate when it comes to shooting, to the point that Fernando Rendón, even hired her as a hit woman. When 'Nikita' was living at her father’s and stepmother’s house she was forced to share a room with 'Disney', the stepson of his father who abused her as much as he could. 'Nikita' had to deal with humiliation and rape, but when Disney kills "Pevec", Nikita’s best friend, she goes from victim to victimizer and she will not rest until she finds Disney and makes him pay with his life for all the pain she had to go through because of him.
There have been several opportunities where the three Miracles are almost ready to meet and their proximity always causes an uncontrollable fact. Now it remains to be seen if the prophecy that says: "The day that the three Miracles and Love meet, they will die."