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The Three Cainst

This is the story of the Castaño brothers. A family from the department of Antioquia made up of 12 children, of which only 4 of them survive. A family that lost their father by the hands of the guerrilla, unleashing a chain of vengeance, fury and hate that made Colombia’s lawful state tremble. The story stars the brothers Fidel, Carlos and Vicente, three men blinded by their desire to finish the guerrilla, so they created the biggest and most powerful private army financed by landlords, politicians and drug dealers, but at the end, they ended up dragging an entire nation to a war that destroyed everything, even their own family. The story of the Castaño brothers is an incredible story of love, falling out of love, violence, vengeance, ambition, lust and war, that shook Colombia’s recent history.