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Thread blue blood

At Portales de La Cabrera, a flaunty building of the capital city, the polemic financial specialist Pedro Ospina, shows up dead... Everything indicates it was a suicide, but Sara Yunus, journalist and resident of the building, believes it was a murder and will do everything in her power to prove it. During her investigation, Sara will not only find clues that will bring her closer to Pedro´s murderer, but she will also start discovering the terrible secrets that surround the residents of the building. The journalist will have to face death while she fights, at the same time, to keep her husband from having to pay for a crime he didn´t commit. The death of a resident of Portales de La Cabrera, will unveil the most horrible secrets hiding behind the walls of the buildings inhabited by the most select people of the city´s high class. Sara Yunus, a reporter for El Meridiano newspaper, publishes a story that puts in evidence the imminent bankruptcy of the company called Valores Ospina, not minding that its owner, Pedro Ospina, was the first man to ever steal her heart. Two weeks after unleashing the scandal and when it seems like Pedro is finally going to give Sara the list of those who made illegal investments in the company, he shows up dead in his apartment of the Portales de la Cabrera building. A bullet wound, a gun in his hand and a thread of blood seem to indicate that Ospina committed suicide. Everybody close to Pedro and the residents of Portales de La Cabrera blindly believe in this theory from the Prosecutor´s Office except for Sara who, by intuition and because she knew Pedro really well, suspects that Pedro was murdered and doesn´t plan on resting until she finds the murderer. Pedro Ospina dedicated his last years to the collection of money and became a millionaire. He was able to build an emporium and well known personalities invested large amounts of money with him, taking advantage of the high interests and tax free profits that supposed the illegal placements. After the news of its bankruptcy broke out, Valores Ospina is completely drowned and Pedro is immerse in the asphyxiating persecution from creditors who claim even more than what he owes them. Now, he has many enemies and more than one would want to see him dead. This way, the residents and employees of Portales de la Cabrera become suspects of the crime. Even if they seem the opposite, they all have something to hide and they can´t allow the eyes of the media to pose on the building and its prestigious inhabitants. Even Sergio Sader, Sara´s future husband, becomes one of the most probable suspects of the crime, not only for jealousy but also because the circumstances show him as one of the many hidden investors. And even though Sara refuses to believe that he is guilty, she has to choose between the love she feels for him and her firm ethical duty to find the truth. As Sara´s investigations move forward and the mystery becomes more complicated, the secrets of the residents of Portales de La Cabrera, come out little by little to the light: a woman who cheats on her husband with the husband of her own sister; a wife who hides money from her husband, trying to save in order to leave him some day; an honorable Senator of the Republic who evades taxes and is involved with illegal bands; and a candidate to the Presidency who committed a crime. But at the end, the least expected, the only one who seemed to have the principles of truth and honesty, ends up being Ospina´s murderer. Now, Sara´s life is in danger because the real murderer isn´t willing to let anybody catch him