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In the life of every human being there come situations that take them to the limit, where it seems impossible to find solutions.
“Such is Life”: a Colombian made for television series based on real life situations.
This five hour drama series revolves around situations that transform and change those who live through them. Jealousy, infidelity and passion are some of the catalysts behind each of these stories. “Such is Life” is a series that is open and direct, with intense scenes and a good dose of sensuality. Its plots are clear and forceful, its characters and situations are full of contrasts.
The various titles that make up this series offer a vast range of stories in which gender confrontations are mixed with day-to-day problems. They handle anything from infidelity and deceit, destiny and fate, true love and forbidden love, sex and marriage, impotence and desire.
Relationships among couples and their innumerable conflicts are portrayed with humor and sensitivity. In addition to the dilemmas that are intrinsic in a daily life, there are those that have risen as a result of globalization: far away love relationships that come together thanks to the Internet or couples that explore new freedom in the daring swinger bars.
Everyday life is looked at under a magnifying glass where men and women, offer varied and sometimes contradictory points of view, since” Such is Life” brings into the limelight the secrets that every heart hides.