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The Stylist

“A survival drama that who´s taken and those who wait his return” The trip of the industry... man Gabriel Avila to the Visitacion farm on his birthday, accompanied by his friend Jorge Mario Rubio, is the anteroom for a trip to hell because in the rice producing farm, guerrillas infiltrated as workers, kidnap them. Gabriel and Jorge Mario are taken deliberately to the DMZ, where the military were removed by the government with the purpose of carrying out peace negotiations with the guerrillas. In Bogota, Gabriel’s family starts a titanic battle to bring back their kidnapped loved ones. The immediate reaction is led by the Intelligence Captain Esteban Avila, who, despite all of his efforts, is not able to keep his brother from being kidnapped because he can’t go inside the DMZ under any excuse, since it’s forbidden by the Government. However, he is an advocate of rescues and doesn’t accept Andrea’s, Gabriel’s wife, decision to pay the guerrillas a ransom for her husband’s liberation. The two positions polarize the family completely. The efforts of some offend the others and confront them with their convictions and their deepest fears. In the jungle, Gabriel and his friend discover that it is basically impossible, they are held captive in a zone completely controlled by the guerrillas, in a region that they don’t know, they don’t have a gun, a phone, not even the basic training to survive alone in the jungle. And to make things worse, they are guarded 24 hours a day. They have to be with an armed guerrilla member even to go to the bathroom. They are ten hours from Bogota but 100 hundred years from civilization. Around the hostages, there is an army of young farmers recruited in the countryside, young people who don’t know an option of life other than the armed employment; from this group, the warrior Samurai is born, he is a fierce prisoner guard that will become the key for Gabriel’s survival and in the end, the key to freedom as well. Very soon, Gabriel designs the plan to become a hair stylist in order to get closer to the guerrilla fronts commanders and will call himself The Stylist, willing to shave, make special cuts, bangs, the trendiest cuts, the “Humberto” cut or the cut that covers up the face wounds suffered in combat. The Stylist is Gabriel’s well meditated strategy of how to establish himself around the power circles in order to listen to the conversations of the commanders and obtain information. Turned into a hair stylist, Gabriel starts to identify where in the planet he is being held captive, he deducts how far he is from his home, he discovers how to get in touch with his brother Esteban and with this, he opens up a window to freedom.