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Many things have happened since the day in which the greatest drug lord of them all: Pedro Pablo Leon Jaramillo, started a war against the government, a war that had him to the border of death and that now has taken him to enter the entrails of the country where few have dared to face. Trying to recover his family, El Capo will challenge the United States of America by outsmarting the most relentless security in the world.
Taking advantage of all his wit and power, the Capo will build a submarine that will lead him to discover that the love of his life and the mother of his children, doesn´t love him anymore.
In the middle of this odyssey, the Capo will be submerged in the bloody gang world of “the maras 7” and will end up declaring war on the powerful Mexican drug lord Pacifico Blanco; on the way he will meet Bruna, a beautiful and dangerous assassin who seems to have everything he needs to fall in love with her. But she won´t be the only woman willing to do anything to win a place in the Capo´s heart: there is also Mariale, an attractive nurse that will change her life in order to be by Pedro Pablo´s side.
Decided to ruin Pacifico Blanco, the Capo will do the unthinkable and will join forces with his most fierce enemy, agent Velandia, who will be forced to choose between his vengeance and his honor.
Only then will Pedro Pablo realize he is not far from accomplishing what he always dreamed of: his redemption.