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Fernando Bonilla, a successful employee, with a beautiful family one Saturday afternoon while grocery shopping, meets by accident Stephanie Braun, and by those twists of life, he ends up taking her home. As a sign of her gratitude, she offers him a glass of wine. With the first toast, a dam of passion that consumes them throughout the night is released. Their talk over breakfast seems to clarify that the experience lived must be received as a gift of life, and that after that morning, both their lives are to continue normally.
Convinced that the foregone is true, Fernando returns to his family life without knowing that from this moment on, Stephanie will use every waking minute of her life to follow him wherever he goes. The stalking and the prying drove Fernando to desperation. One evening, the heating of their argument reached such levels that Fernando losing his sanity ends up killing Stephanie. Getting rid of both the body and the blood took Fernando all evening and into the morning, but in the end, Fernando was left with an easy feeling of having saved his home. But this story really begins on the morning when Matilde, their seven-year-old daughter, playing mailman, brings her dad an envelope that had just arrived under the door.
Fernando opens the envelope and inside finds a hand written note which states, “I do not like what you have done with my corpse. I will wait for you on the spot marked on the map, today at six o’clock in the afternoon.” That afternoon, in order to keep the instructed encounter, Fernando has to lie to get out of the house. At six o’clock sharp, Fernando reaches inside a dark room, where a projector suddenly turns on, and as the sharp blades of a guillotine, images of photographs of the murder Fernando committed cut through the screen.
Speechless from fear, and with his eyes glued on to the screen, our man watches the screen, when suddenly, from behind the projector, a woman walks towards him. Stephanie defies him from the distance, and dares him with her presence, and just when fear seems to have consumed every bit of his body, she questions him, “Now can we talk?